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New releases MegaMek, MegaMekLab, MekHQ: v0.41.27
Hey everyone,
Hey all, it's time for another release. This one is the first release candidate for stable. Please give it a thorough testing, so we can fix any other critical bugs before a holiday release!

The Tai-sa enter the briefing room and everyone instantly snapped to attention.  She moved quickly to the holo-table and nodded to the Gunsho. 
The image of the fortress popped into view and low murmur came from the officers in attendance. 

“That is Fortress Dixon and it presents us with a major problem.  Its Airfield and Drop port allows the Donegal Regulars to raid our supply lines. In addition to the aerospace assets based their, the artillery is playing havoc with the attack on Francisville.”

Around the room, the whispers continued.  A loud cough from the Sho-ko at the back brought everyone attention back to the task at hand.

“I need plans for an assault to take the Fortress by tonight's briefing, this isn’t going to be easy – in attention to the fortifications themselves, we have a moat to deal with and multiple batteries of Quad LRMs, Triple mount ER PPCs, Quad ER Large Lasers and who knows what else”

“What about the rumors of ECM and Beagles on the walls?” a voice from the back said.

The Tai-sa give a quick nod and with a single “Dismissed” turned and left.

[Image: 6iGWUTVl.jpg]

A huge amount of bug fixes in this release and some pretty cool new stuff. 
• Ability to save an image of the board with the units…check.
• Ability to find only valid in firing phase….check
• Close to 650 new Gun Emplacements with new art in progress.

Lots of little bug fixes here and behind the scenes lots of conversations about in the Dev time about continuing to improving MML in the next Dev Phase.  Plus we can build small boats!

Lots of bug fixes and an overhaul of the new MRMS (Mass Repair/Salvage) including adding the ability to do the work in the warehouse.

[Image: BqwcQHJl.png]

Also, super cool feature is the overhaul of the advanced medical system. The picture says it all.
[Image: E6Awsb8l.png]

Here's the links:
MegaMek v0.41.27 (v0.42.0 RC1)
•    Feature: Can save board image with units (renders the same as seen on screen)
•    Feature: PhaseDisplay buttons can now use tooltip text defined in i18n files
•    Bug: Manually targeting doesn't update next target id
•    Feature: Added "only valid" & "no allies" options to firing phase next target
•    Feature: Added keybinds for "only valid" & "no allies" next target -- This means that some of the default keybinds have changed, check client settings
•    Bug: Heat-seeking LRM modifiers being applied before side table is set
•    Issue #401: Princess deploys multiple units in/on top of one building
•    Issue #404: Adjacent building auto-success could trump some automatic failures
•    Data: New Sprites.
•    Data: Updated Key Binds.txt in Docs folder to take into account above valid target feature.
•    Issue #393: Highlighting currently selected ASF flight path
•    Issue #416: Kill Count Victory ignores kills from destroyed units
•    Bug: Fix to Ammo Names and restoring Low/Profile for vehicles.
•    Issue #410: Underlying terrain modifiers always applying to skid checks
•    Issue #48: Combine, Dual Saw, Chainsaw, improper damage against conv inf
•    Issue #411: MM allows illegal terrain combinations in boards
•    Added tooltip entry for spotting; spotters now display who they're spotting
•    Issue #422: Firing solutions now indicates units that are spotted
•    Issue #395: New MechWarrior minimap icons: circle, or infantry icon w/ dot
•    Issue #423: Squadron Armor tab is empty
•    Issue #367: Building Fires Not Shown On Minimap
•    Bug: Jumping can never be considered "along a road"; fixes some missed PSRs
•    Issue #402: Jumping meks should not be allowed to stand after falling
•    Quirks for Buildings.
•    Issue #386: VTOLs don't deploy at lounge specified height
•    Issue #341: Armor properties not updated for damage transfer location
•    Issue #360: Hull-down punches to lower target uses wrong location
•    Issue #326: Changing climb-mode prevents first-step amnesty
•    Bug: Climb Mode toggle appears to have three modes
•    Feature: Default Climb Mode is now an Advanced Client Setting
•    Issue #172: Climb Mode now defaults to "Climb Up" instead of "Go Thru"
•    Feature: Client Settings Advanced now displays human-readable names & tooltips
•    Issue #291: Rapids terrain validation & no PSR mods to hover, wige, vtol
•    Issue #399: Isometric bridges not darkened by night overlay
•    Issue #358: DFA against targets that jumped displaces to top of buildings
•    Data: New Sprites
•    Data/Feature: Turret Project Part 1 - Major additions to the number and types of turret. Sprites still in progress.

MegaMekLab v0.41.27 (v0.42.0 RC1)
•    Fixes #14: Mixtech does not allow you to select mixtech armor
•    Fixes #31: ProtoType Jump Jets Missing from Dropdown
•    Fixes #34: Mixed tech units display ALL armor types
•    Fixes #30: Cannot change gyro type with mixed clan tech
•    Added naval movement modes for combat vehicles.
•    Fixes #33: Large shield messing with jump jets
•    Fixes #29: Jump Jet issue with modular armor
•    Updated MegaMek.jar to 0.41.27

MekHQ v0.41.27 (v0.42.0 RC1)
•    PR #232: "Advanced Medical" refactor - new medical dialogue, lots of under-the-hood improvements
•    Allowing twins, triplets, quadruplets ... and so on to be born
•    Recording the biological father of children at conception time
•    Issue #243: Pregnant widow can't give birth
•    Fixed bug with force icon layers being misaligned by 1px in both dimensions
•    Issue #220: NPE when updating unit rating and infantry have no troopers
•    Issue #228: Campaign Ops Unit Rating -- Heavy Vee Bays Affecting Display of Light Vee Bays
•    Issue #244: [AtB] A Normal morale enemy gets Base Attack.
•    Issue #245: [AtB] Bonus payments are not made.
•    Issue #246: RAT Generator doesn't seem to generate any VTOLs.
•    Issue #247: GM Tools RAT Roller Will Not Add Dropships.
•    Overhaul of Mass Repair/Salvage and adding Mass Repair to warehouse
•    Issue #239: Be smarter about clearing assignments when removing personnel from units and vice versa.
•    Issue #252: Enable 'remove all personnel' when selecting multiple units in the hangar
•    Issue #239: Techs stuck on assignment (also #237, #261).
•    Issue #231: IndexOutOfBoundsException in Layered Icon editor
•    Issue #224: Mechs with bad hip/shoulder do not show in repair bay if IS undamaged
•    Updated MegaMek.jar and MegaMekLab.jar to 0.41.27
Enjoy everyone.

Link to CGL forum Post:

Come join our Slack Channel to chat with Dev's and other players.
I heard there's an overhaul on the repair codes (not the mass repair). Was that in too?
The repair overhaul was MSMR feature.  Refit is next up for overhaul, but likely not this Stable release

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