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Hidden Units
How do they actually work?

Running 0.41.15
I've got the box in the rules checked, but I can't see any way to deploy hidden units or use them once deployed. Is there a guide on this anywhere?
There's no guide as yet.  During deployment, you can double click a unit to configure it, then go to the deployment tab and select "Hidden" for a unit to deploy hidden.  Hidden units won't get a chance to move/fire (since they are hidden), but if you right click the unit on the map and "Select" it, you can get to the Misc tab, and there's an option to select a round to activate the unit in.  Additionally, if an enemy unit tries to move through a hex with a hidden unit or ends movement adjacent to a hidden unit, that hidden unit gets the option to make a point-blank shot.

Hidden units can also be detected with active probes, or if an enemy unit ends a movement adjacent to a hidden unit.
I'd also suggest updating to the newest version.  There are alot of bug fixes including some for hidden units.
I'm unable to even deploy a Hidden Unit. How do you place them on the map?
(12-21-2016, 10:46 PM)TigerShark link Wrote:I'm unable to even deploy a Hidden Unit. How do you place them on the map?

Does the unit not come up during the deployment phase, or are you having trouble finding a valid hex to deploy into?  There are restrictions (especially for 'mechs) about hexes that can be deployed into (primarily, no clear hexes).

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