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Mechwarrior portraits
With the new stable version I am having an issue.

    Female pilots on the personnel market that have their own mech do not have portraits.  Males do, and females without mechs and any other profession have portraits. Only female pilots who own their own machine.

Also does anyone know what would cause this

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Probably an uncaught exception.  Could you attach the megameklog.txt?  This file gets overwritten everytime you start MegaMek, so it would be good to include from an instance where you notice the graphic errors in the lounge.
  I have been unable to recreate either problem today. I have a program called radeonpro that I have to use to get a few of my games to work with this AMD junk.  I played around with it last night and I do not recall what all I changed other than the CPU.  I had a similar problem with mekhq before but it was fixed by turning off everything Radeon had on my comp.  It only happened when it went through MekHQ to start a ATB game. Just an outside game did not have the same problem.

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