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question on where the MM game option is located?
First thanks to updating MekHQ 0.42.0! 
I have a small issue.  I am only running one lance, and one of the mech is a custom mech made with MekLab.  I have no problem running it when I load with MM alone, because the MM game option I have clicked on Allowed Units and Equipment with Advanced and checked on Allow invalid unit designs.  The Game option is saved so each time i load MM the options are already there.  So i don't understand why when i run MM within MekHQ the game option is not saved.

My problem is when running MekHQ, and when I click on start game under the Briefing room which than loads MM by it self,  the MM loads with only 3 mechs last 1 is rejected due to illegal design.  When I click on the game options it is reset to the default which is 3050 standard tech.  I would like to know where the default game option file is located so I can just replace it and not have to change the game options and manual add the mech. 

Right now I am do it the slow way which is in MekHQ Export the mul file.  Run MM alone, save the result mul and go back to MekHQ to resolve manually.
Under File where you set the campaign options you can also set your MM options (for your HQ games) if that doesnt match how you do it when running MM only then thats probably the issue.
Thank you!  Now i feel like a dumb ass.  It was right there under my nose.

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