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Internal Bomb Bays
Another question for the veterans; does the internal bomb bay quirk function in MegaMek? I've tried loading up a Torrent heavy bomber in the latest release, and I can only fit as many bombs as it has external hardpoints, and can't seem to load the internal bomb bay at all. I did notice that the Torrent did not load with quirks, and so I assigned the internal bomb bay quirk manually.

If the quirk is nonfunctional, no problem. If the quirk is functional, could someone help me figure out why it isn't working?

Thanks for your time!
I can't say definitively, but I would guess that the quirk isn't implemented yet.
Thanks! It's a shame, but I can work around it.
I think it's more or less time to resurrect this thread with the emergence of LAMs.
Mechs like the Screamer are supposed to have 4 internal bomb bays (thus the cargo space), would it be possible to allow that cargo space to act as a bomb bay, or create a new item to act as one?
LAM bomb bays are implemented with the exception of using being able to use the space for extra fuel (I never made a note of it on my to-do list and haven't gotten back to it). There is nearly a page of rules in IO for how they work. The internal bomb bay quirk description doesn't say a lot. Am I supposed to assume that bombs take up as many tons of cargo space as they take on external hard points? I suspect so, but the rules don't say that. What about speed reduction? If we're going to use LAMs as the guide, I would say no to that, since the weight is already accounted for in the construction. Are all types allowed? Does this allow the unit to carry TAG in an internal bay? Not so sure about that last one.

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