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My infantry want to leap tall buildings in a single bound...
I recently updated from 41.17 to 42.0. When ingot to a battle where infantry were involved inside a town I found my infantry could no longer enter buildings. Instead they try to go from street level to the very top of the building according to the move cost indicator. Even if I let them try to do that they finish their turn having not moved.

I've never ran into that problem before. Is this a big, feature, or an option that.somehow got toggled when I updated?
All units were defaulted to climb mode. You need to change it back to thru to enter.
In the release notes there was an issue about the default movement mode was changed to climb up so all units would move over bridges instead of default trying to drop multiple levels into the water.  So with buildings, units now default to climb up and must click the climb mode button in the panel to make them go through.  Eventually it will be coded to have buildings default to go through and all other terrain default to climb up.
Cool.  Its good to know its being worked on and there is a workaround.  Thanks.

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