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Assigning Custom Unit Quirks
Hello again, it's me with yet another issue that I can't seem to solve. This time, I've been trying to apply quirks to a set of custom units. I've attempted to do this by adding entries to both the canonUnitQuirks.xml and the unitQuirksOverride.xml, but neither seem to have any effect when I load up a unit. I've attached my unitQuirksOvverride file for perusal.

Quirks are enabled in MegaMek, and I can assign them before a match just fine. I've deleted the unit cache between attempts, as well.

Perhaps my unit's naming conventions are causing problems? Many of them contain parentheses and quotation marks to distinguish different models, could that be causing an error? Am I even messing with the correct file? Is this even an implemented feature?

I would very much appreciate some help with this.

Attached Files
.xml   unitQuirksOverride.xml (Size: 3.77 KB / Downloads: 0)
I suspect the issue is with the " marks in the unit names.  You'll notice the unit names in MegaMek all use the ' in its place.  Try changing your unit names in the BLK/MTF files and see what happens.

Also never adjust the canonUnitQuirks.xml, every time you update it will be overwritten.  Only use the override.xml file.

Thanks for the quick reply, Hammer. I went through and replaced all instances of " with ', in both the BLK files and the unitQuirksOverride.xml and then deleted the unit cache, but the units in question still do not load with quirks.

I'll upload the new override file to see if anyone can find an issue with it.

Attached Files
.xml   unitQuirksOverride.xml (Size: 3.77 KB / Downloads: 1)
I'd also unit the unit files to test.
Sure thing, here they are. There are more, but I have a total of 26 I'm trying to quirk, and all I need is the proof of concept.

Attached Files
.blk   Huber 201 (Falke).blk (Size: 1.04 KB / Downloads: 0)
.blk   Albatros (UT-1).blk (Size: 1.12 KB / Downloads: 0)
You can also save unit quirks in the lobby.  If you change quirks on a unit, then right click on the unit, there's an option to save quirks.
Wow. That is immensely easy. Many thanks, Arlith!

In fact, since this method saves directly to the unitQuirksOverride.xml, I have been able to determine that the problem stemmed from an incorrect unitType tag. I was using ConvFighter, but the correct tag is Aero, even though they are conventional fighters.

Another issue neatly wrapped up by the devs.

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