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Class Limits?
So I've run into two scenarios in a row where my two assault mechs did not deploy. Am I missing a condition somewhere or is this a glitch?
Are you talking about MegaMek or MekHQ or Against the Bot from MekHQ? Or are you doing a scenario or trying to make one? Some more info would be helpful. Wink
Sorry about that. I am playing MegamekHQ in a scenario AtB.
Make sure you have the option for allow illegal units on.
Yeah, I checked that first.  There is no warning or rejection that I have found either. They show up in the lobby, but not on the map.
Did those pilot/mech unit have to eject last scenario?  I run into this after a pilot gets blown out of his mech and usually restarting HQ fixes it.  Or right click those units in the lobby and in their deployment see if something changed for some reason. 
One was an ejection and the other enemy salvage. I'll try a close and restart if it happens again and check for the lobby issues.
Some scenario's in AtB make some units wait to deploy (usually 12- walking speed - 1 if jump capable) turns after the scenario starts. I've won games where several of my units didn't get to deploy yet...

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