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Megamek Server Rentals?
How and where could I rent and run a dedicated megamek server?  I saw a thread in here about a hosting service but it appears to no longer offer this kind of hosting.  I am wanting a server I can control but does not require people to connect to my personal computer.
I don't know where, but be careful as I've had friends scammed by low price servers.

The other idea is to see if SteveRestless's servers over on the official BattleTech forums could work for you. However, if you want control of it then you really just have to bite the bullet.

I use a linux box with not standard ports and is only on when I'm using my server. So far that has worked for me. It isn't my personal computer; just an old one I have. So, I too have to connect to it when I play with others.

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