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MekHQ Date
Hi All, new guy here, just need a little help.
In the campaign options I set the date back to 3025 and save the new campaign name, but the old date Tue, Jan 1 3067 always come up with the old date.
It should bring up the correct date when you load the campaign. Are you saving with XML?

The 'current date' is displayed at the very top of the screen. When you load a save (assuming all you did was jump in, change the date and unit name, save and reload) the window at the middle which shows 'actions' will still display the 3067 date but that was just due to the original message. If you hit Advance Day it should say the correct date (+1 day). But that's not necessary as the date should correctly update.
If you're referring to the date in the log box, ignore it. I noticed that as well. Or, if you save in XML, it is possible to remove/change that entry from the log.

If you're referring to the date at the very top, you have likely discovered a bug.
Thx Guy that did it.  ;D

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