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ATB Skill Level?
In ATB Campaign options under ATB tab there is a drop down menu labeled skill level that has entries Ultra Green, Green, regular, Veteran, and Elite.

What specifically changes inside the ATB rules when you fiddle with the skill level?  Like code wise.  What does it do?
Each level of change from regularge gives you a +/-5 to the opportunity lances roll. Furthernore, green limits the opportunity to no more than two lances and ultra-green to one. This only applies to standard battles (not generated by monthly special events), and doesn't effect reinforcements.
Are you talking about the table that tells me what lances will be rolled up to fight me?  for example the table that has a Light lance facing
1-9 Medium
10-16 2 Light
17-20 1 Heavy

I see in the rules he says roll 1d100 on that table but the tables are for a d20.  Does MekHQ have a d100 system and does it do anything if  it rolls over 20/100?

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