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retirement rolls for mechtech
Good day to you all!

I have started a campaign around the clan invasion and I have come across a question that needs answering.

it has come time to roll for retirement and I'v been going through the rolls for it. Now to make my life easier I have bought  "royal engineer" infantry and assigned my mechtechs and machanics to it with the second role tab.
When I'm checking  my leadership of the company commander, do I count the techs  as both support and combat personal? 

Oh and can i set a battalion commander and company commanders expertly?

I hope This makes some sense.
Are you treating the techs retirment roll as a mass infantry roll?  That seems like a good way to lose all your techs in a single roll.

Are you using an alternate retirement roll than That listed in the tab rules?  Of not you can automate the rolls in mekhq in the tab options.

Beyond that I am unclear on why you are putting your techs in an infantry company or how that makes things easier. I am further confused as to why you are trying to work the faux infantry company into a OOB.

As to your last question I believe y9u can only set one commander. Y9u can use ranks to help you differentiate who is what in the pecking order.

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