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No Claws?
Just curious if there's something wrong with my MegamekLab; Claws do seem to be present in Megamek and they can be purchased as parts in MekHQ (and refitted to existing designs that have them, like the Crael Crusader variant), but they aren't selectable in MegamekLab when trying to create a custom 'mech design.
Check the year, tech level. You can check Techmanual or Tactical Operations to find their dates and tech levels.
Ah, the year was the issue - thanks for the speedy reply! Seems like a bug in MekHQ then - was able to do a Crusader Crael refit despite the year being earlier than the Claw's introduction.
There are issues in MekHQ and refits in general.  Its on the list to address but no ETA

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