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Sensor Rules for New People
So I'm pretty much unfamiliar with the sensor rules in MegaMek (or BT for that matter).  My intro into BT was MegaMek basically.  Anywho, on to my question.  Here's some backstory: I was playing a game the other night where my opponent and I were duking it out in a heavy urban environ.  Now, I have never experienced artillery in a game so this was a first, and the VTOL he had was a freakin pain because it was disabling my stuff with back shots and never got hit.  My own VTOL was taken out easily even though it had a Target Number of 10 or more (was always moving it to the max).  I started losing the long game at this point, which in turn forced me to re-think how the hell can I see his stuff on the field w/o air recon.  I noticed half way through the game he had MagScan on his mechs.  I decided to mimic the tactic to see if it would work.  Thing is I don't know if it did b/c at that point I had my Light Mechs all over the place trying to zerg him a bit while i brought my heavier units in closer.

My question: How does MagScan affect a game in an urban setting?  Does it help detect through buildings if you don't have direct visual sight?  I read that buildings block it but I'm not so sure, which is why I am asking here.  Any help on Sensor rules would be awesome.

Thank you!
The sensor rules for BT are quite complex and to be honest, Megamek is really designed to be used with the rule books themselves.  Most of our tooltips are designed to reference the rulebooks.

You can get the rulebooks in PDF form for a nominal cost.  The specific rule book that covers the sensors is Tactical Operations, but lots of rules their reference into Total Warfare.


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