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custom vehicle image issues
Hi there, Iv been creating some new build vehicles to use in my megamek campaigns but for some reason I cant seem to change the image to a pre-excisting one.

for example; I've created a new light tank and would like to use the image of the scorpion light tank for it.
I've tried to set the fluff image and so on but it does not seem to work.
I have read some older threads about the unit list, but I cant seem to get it working.
if anyone can help me on this that would be amazing.

thanks in advance
You need to go into the "data/images/units" directory and edit the local_clientmechset.txt file.  Open up the mechset.txt file to see what it should look like.  You could find the entry for the Scorpion Light Tank and copy that into local_clientmechset.txt, then change the unit name to match your unit.
thanks for the super quick response mate.

Righto, I've copied and pasted the entry and changed the name. Now on mega mek "add unit" i have the unit but there is no image at all and in mekHQ there is no unit.

i am going to delete my entry and try with a brand new one and see if that works
If you post what your putting in the local file we can trouble shoot. It's very case sensitive
the first one is my first attempt and the secon was paste an copy attempt.
i have both these entries in the localclient mechset, localserver mechset and in the standard mechset
exact "Warrior IFV mk1" "vehicles/Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle (Standard).png"

chassis "Testbed tank" "vehicles/Scorpion Light Tank.png"

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