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Bomb Selection from the Hangar
A quick search of the forums did not reveal an answer.

When attempt to select bombs for my ASF in the hangar, only HE, Cluster, Laser-guided, and Rockets are available, all the other bomb types are grayed out.

Year: 3031
Tech Level: Unofficial

Setting the tech level on unofficial isnt going to make equipment available that didnt come out until later years. If the particular bomb your wanting wasnt introduced until after 3031 then you will have to change the game year as well to get that equipment.
There are sometimes issues with bombs from what I have noticed.

Rocket pods intro ~3060
Laser-Guided extinct 2800 reintro ~3060
Inferno intro PS

Which version are you using?
I am Using 0.43.2

So it is letting me have items that are extinct or not-yet-available (rockets and Laser-guided), but it won't let me have inferno or Thunder.
What year and tech level are you playing in. Also are you playing with IS or Clan.
(06-03-2017, 11:26 PM)Hammer Wrote: What year and tech level are you playing in. Also are you playing with IS or Clan.

Year 3031
We need to get more specific here, are you trying to load bombs while in the hangar inside of the HQ program and bomb types are not showing up or are you doing your bombs while inside the MegaMek lobby? But Thunders should not be available to you yet anyways.

Introduced: 2623 (Terran Hegemony)
Extinct: 2840 (Inner Sphere)
Recovered: 3052 (Capellan Confederation [“Thunder” FASCAM])
Introduced: 3065 (Capellan Confederation [Active and Vibrabomb])
I am trying to select bombs from the Hangar in MekHQ.  There are no issues for any of the bombs in MegaMek.
As Bloodwolf mentioned, lots of those bombs are actually extinct in 3031 even on unofficial I believe MekHQ filters out weapons based on dates still.
I can grok that...except that laser-guided bombs are available without any lasers to guide on.
Yeah laser-guided require TAG which I dont think is available in 3031 if I remember right. And since TAG is greyed out on your screen shot you'd think laser-guided would be too. So this looks like an HQ bug to me and should be reported on github or will be forgotten.
This may not necessarily be a bug, and may very well be how things are printed in the rules. IO is changing a lot of the dates for equipment, and Hammer is working on getting that all in right now, so this may change. MM tries to be true to the rules in the book, even when those rules are questionable.
Thanks all!

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