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3015 Mercenary Campaign
Hi all,

I'm planning to start up a semi-weekly campaign (standard fair, small mercenary unit starting up, planning for it to start in 3015) and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining.

A bit about the campaign:

I'm planning to have 3 players other than myself, each player will have their own primary mechwarrior and as the unit expands each player will have more pilots reporting to their prime, starting with a lance and (most likely) eventually expanding to a full company (and the pilots under their command will also act as candidates to replace their prime if he/she happens to die). For the actual games I was planning to play the Opposing-Force and take care of managing all the between mission tracking, such as repairs and finances as well as sending updates after games so everyone knows the current status of the unit.

I haven't entirely decided on what day/time to hold the campaign and was going to look for input of what dates/times work best for anyone interested. But to give an idea of general time frame I'm available, my time zone is Eastern Standard Time (US) and I'm available most evenings (though the specific days tend to change). It may work out that every week we play on a different day but once again that will depend on everyone's availability. Also, I know there will be some weeks I won't be available, which is why I said semi-weekly. I figure the exact schedule is something that can be hammered out once I've found some people interested in joining.

If you're interested please either send me a message on the forum or email me at my username
I guess I should let everyone know that one spot is already taken.  I am looking forward to my first campaign.

As a side note, it is too bad that mech's with physical weapons (aka hatchets/swords/clubs etc) can't do a combined DFA and physical weapon attack which could or could not destroy the physical weapon, but would do 3 times the damage or more! (or less). I could just imagine a sword breaking off from this when it hit the engine (and if it really wanted to be awesome, the engine would explode since the sword was stuck in it).
My imagination is running away with me again.
I just wanted to post that all spots have been filled.
If someone drops out or you need another player toss me a line.
Sure, I'll let you know if a spot happens to open up.

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