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Few custom maps
Some times when I have some free time I am doing some maps for MegaMek. Feel free to check them out if you want, but I warning you, some of them are huge, ac2 friendly and watch out for unusual things like fuel tanks.

In order from left to right
Canyon of Fire              45x60     River of Fire                30x30      Complex 9                     45x60    Space Port 7                  80x60  Bunkers 150x110      Sea Airfield 90x85
[Image: gzkPU9Z.jpg][Image: 1MxCBKN.jpg][Image: NcNubfR.jpg][Image: GYpfpA6.jpg][Image: Bunkers.png?dl=0][Image: Sea%20Airfield.png?dl=0]

Attached Files
.zip   MegaMek (Size: 94.26 KB / Downloads: 23)
Nice.. Keep coming.
Thanks! I'll add these to the next release. I'll use your forum name on the contributors list.
Yay my work has been noticedBig Grin

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