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What determines if you are shorthanded? It has happened to me twice now and I am not sure what causes it, so am not sure how to avoid it. I suspect it may be a bug, because my techs still have hours, and I have 6 astechs for every tech. My only guess is that it may have something to do with techs working x number of days in a row, but I can only guess.

Thanks for any help on this Smile
Shorthanded means you don't have enough AsTechs. Or we have a bug in which case we'd need to see a campaign file and MekHQlog.

Try bring all astech teams up to full strength (or what the exact name is and see what happens.
There has been a few cases that it flags me as being shorthanded when all teams are up to full strength.  I do not have a campaign saved, so I cannot post one.  Next time it happens, il'll save one off.  I usually just dismiss all astechs and then bring them back to full strength - usually takes care of the problem.
You need to fill teams and advance a day, as they will not count as full time the day they are hired.
Happened to me too once every 3 months or so with existing tech teams. They suddenly become short handed when I try to repair after a battle. So far latest stable seems ok.

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