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Noble Scenario AtB / Manual
Good day everybody.

I am working on a set of rules for the Nobles using MekHQ and I would need some help creating the rules of this.

I have started a little bit on a spreadsheet with some ideas that may be good ( or not lol )

let me tell you some of the ideas I have for the rules.  The game will be playable alone with the dice generators and mission creation.  I think the game will be super fun at the end ( I hope so )

- Generating money with interest via land possession / acquisition each first of the month
- Asset generation and wealth ( quick example in the spreadsheet )
- Events based on age ( Sickness, death, injuries, etc )
- Invasion of your homeland via roll dice within specific condition.  This may includes scenario like protect the king.  If the king die or is capured, game over as an example
- battle generation with the dice generator
- total medieval ranking with slaves, peasants acting as infantry, etc.

Any feedback will be appreciated.  And if somebody wants to work with me on this would be super glad x10000

Please note that the document is far from being completed - And a lot of modifications will need to be done.  I have put some ideas as quickly as possible and will re-arrange everything when we will get a real start.

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.xlsx   Nobles remastered v0.1.xlsx (Size: 14.02 KB / Downloads: 14)
Their are some rules scattered around the AToW and I think Camp.Ops on running nobles and land holds.

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