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MekHQ built in Scenario generation
Is there an option or a way to change the current ATB scenario generation so that the missions are not auto adjusted based upon what forces I bring into for a single player campaign? If I as a commander want to bring in a heavy force to ensure an easy victory or I want to assign a flight of my own aerospace for close air support without it changing what I am facing, or even for there to be the chance a mission is generated which will be a no win for me based upon the forces I have chosen. The current system tries to provide a certain amount of balance in each scenario it creates which I understand but can we turn it off without having to manually generate a custom scenario?

Also when a mission is created do they all use the "DEFAULT" behavior bot AI or does it assign random settings for this?
You can always remove bot units in megamek. Last I used AtB though I could assign additional forces to the deployment without an increase in the number of bot units.

Not sure about the if the AI behavior deviates from DEFAULT
After watching a few scenarios and digging thru the code it looks like only special missions and big battles auto adjust based upon what I deploy. I can live with this setting, I guess I can stop being lazy and set up some custom scenarios. I try my hardest to stay away from using GM functions while playing solo. It would be cool though if MM would support calling in air support and having MekHq bring my designated flights in for 1-2 passes without having to manually circle around the battle waiting till I really needed them but I am messing with the code now to see the way lances and forces are defined and at least can get a flight of fighters to be campaign eligible. The java is weak in this one I'm afraid though so I don't see myself making any real breakthroughs.
There's definitely room for more integration between MHQ an MM...

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