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Development Snapshot - MegaMek, MegaMekLab, MekHQ: v0.43.5 - December 17/2017
Hi Everyone,

Its new Development release time.

This is one of the biggest Development releases we have ever done. This will also mark the last Dev release as we go into a feature freeze and focus on Release Candidates for a New Stable in the first part of 2018.

1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   When you install this release DO NOT overwrite an existing install. IT MUST BE TO A NEW FOLDER
        One of the reasons for this is all the Dropships and Small craft files have been editted.
3)   Lastly use at your own Risk, this is likely to be one of more bug filled releases.

There is a huge amount new stuff in this release.  We have a new contributor (mkerernsky) that is a huge space based player and been working on implementing improvements to Space combat.  Princess has had some work as well, she can drop bombs from conventional fighters, Princess now supports simultaneous phases, and Princess can now take point blank shots with hidden units.

As part of the project to build Dropships and Small Craft they are now validated against construction rules.  Ammo configuration for large craft is improved. 
All the Small craft and dropships have been remade and renamed to be in compliance with the Tech Manual construction rules. These ships will no longer match TRO 3057r and that is intentional.  In addition you’ll notice some new ships added that are mentioned in other sources.  Please consider these units inline with the intent of the Canon units.

Megameklab has had lots of work, thanks to Neoancient. Numerous bug fixes, and the first phase of Mech Printing overhaul. The printing overhaul allows for the dynamic printing of all mechs (Bipedal, Quads, Super-Heavy, and Tripods). In the next development cycle work will continue to be able to improve printing for other unit types.

But the biggest addition is the Lab can know build Small Craft and Dropships.  



MekHQ has had a few bug fixes and AtB has had a few tweaks.  As an extension of the Dropship and Small Craft work in Megamek and MegamekLab those units can be refit or customized.  It’s likely that all the changes to the Dropships and Small Craft names will break save games.  We’ve written a guide on how to fix them here 

Names Issues with Units

There is also work started on some planet data with the longer term goal being to generate out planet data for all systems.  Bloodwolf has been working on this project.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.

The change log below lists all the changes.


MegaMek v0.43.5 (Development)
+ [u]Tech[/u] Progression Fixes.
+ PR #686: Large Craft Advanced Point Defense Rules from [u]Stratops[/u] p96
+ PR #686: Expanded AMS functionality. Now works against Arrow IV Homing and LAA/AAA/AS missiles per the rules for
    large, single missiles in TW.
+ PR #686: [u]Santa[/u] [u]Anna[/u] S2S nuclear missiles now correctly deal *10 damage to SI on a successful cap missile roll.
+ PR #691: Princess controlled conventional fighters will now drop bombs
+ Bug - TP wrong for AP Mount (Inner Sphere)
+ Cleaning up the [u]Docs[/u] folder, and adding some other files.
+ Issue #684: Alternative [u]Proto[/u]-AC ammo in the process of Implementing the [u]Proto[/u]-AC Ammo,
    I noticed the Clan Improved AC's didn't have them implemented
+ PR #693: Show unit roles in summary view.     
+ Bug: Infantry weights calculated wrong, due to double adding of AntiMek training.
              Fixing unit files to include standard Foot infantry and AntiMek Trained one.
+ PR #699: [u]Errata[/u]: [u]Mechs[/u] should not become stuck in mud
+ PR #701: Space stations now require 2 pilots, which fixes issues in MHQ
+ Issue #680: Updated to handle Java 9
+ PR #706: Fixed several [u]quirk[/u]-related NPEs. Implemented display of partial repairs on unit info card.
+ Issue #704, #299: [u]Bot[/u] units will now scamper out of disabled transports.
+ Issue: Last man standing victory could fire even when checking for victory is disabled
+ Feature: Adds ASEW missile functionality
+ Feature: "OUR WORDS ARE BACKED BY NUCLEAR WEAPONS" -[u]Mahatma[/u] [u]Ghandi[/u] (adds [u]Alamo[/u], [u]Santa[/u] [u]Anna[/u] and [u]Peacemaker[/u] [u]warheads[/u])
+ Issue #530: MegaMek Help->Contents now points at Readme.txt
+ Issue #711: [u]Aeros[/u] and [u]spacecraft[/u] with destroyed fire control system or combat information center now count as crippled
+ Issue #716: Targeting a non-Entity with Arrow IV Homing Missile no longer causes NPE
+ Issue #666: Linked equipment now works with bay weapons
+ PR #740: Optional cargo/transport bay damage on cargo critical hit for large craft
+ Issue #205: Airborne [u]dropships[/u] can now fire Arrow IV artillery from weapon bays (as long as there's only one artillery weapon per bay)
+ Issue #743: [u]Skidding[/u] Vehicle freezing Client(s)
+ Issue #738: CamoChoiceDialog.valueChanged NPE
+ Issue #521: Submarine cannot pass under bridges in a turn when their elevation changes.
+ Issue #725: BattleMech Mechanical Jump [u]Boosters[/u] not working correctly.
+ Issue #702: Unable to deploy ASF over Woods
+ Issue #631: Show [u]quirks[/u] in the Unit view when in the [u]mech[/u] selector
+ PR #749: Added client GUI option to display a [u]mini[/u] armor status visual in the [u]boardview[/u] mouse-over [u]tooltip[/u].
+ Data - New [u]Sprites[/u] and unit file fixes.
+ Issue #697: Over verbose princess
+ Issue #548: View > Round Report Does Not Allow Copy & Paste of Text
+ Issue #519: Fuel cells producing heat in B[u]attlemechs[/u]
+ Issue #727: [u]Sniper[/u] and Range Master SPAs now work with Line of Sight range
+ Issue #460: Field of Fire/firing arc [u]sprites[/u] not cleared when unit finishes movement
+ Issue #758: Princess doesn't check for ownership when deploying units
+ Issue #759: Princess won't move units with a move index of 0 or less
+ PR #760: XCT Infantry implemented
+ PR #772: Make [u]tooltips[/u] disappear when mouse is over the Status Display / buttons
+ PR #771: Improved [u]bot[/u] mobile unit deployment effectiveness and speed (faster and less deploying in completely inaccessible holes)
+ PR #775: RISC [u]Hyperlaser[/u] Implemented
+ Data: New [u]Sprites[/u] and Removing extra files.
+ PR #757: [u]Caseless[/u] ammunition Implemented
+ Data: Rat fixes
+ Easier ammo configuration for large craft.
+ Validation for Small Craft and [u]Dropships[/u].
+ Changed infantry bay capacity to match transport weights of [u]platoon[/u]
  type rather than treating all infantry as foot.
+ Specialized cargo bays treat value in unit file as capacity rather than
  tonnage to be consistent with all other bay types.
+ SF Issue #4115: Princess now supports simultaneous phases
+ Issue #644: Fix potential invalid turn packets in simultaneous phases
+ Track older unit names so changing the name will not break MekHQ campaign files.
+ Fixed LAM conversion gear cost calculation.
+ Princess can now take point blank shots with hidden units
+ Naval C3 (space, not water)
+ Board editor hex preview indicates if hex is invalid, tool tip lists why
+ Board view in board editor shows invalid terrain and adds the reason why to the [u]tooltip[/u]
+ Board editor now has validate button which will report all of the errors on the board
+ Board editor sorts terrains by alphabetical order, supports terrain type [u]tooltips[/u]
+ Data: RAT fixes, New [u]Sprites[/u], Unit file fixes.
MegaMekLab v0.43.5 (Development)
+ PR #81: Armor allocation view: rewrite of the armor allocation panel for [u]mechs[/u], [u]vees[/u], and fighters, with
          more convenient controls for patchwork armor. Also fixes patchwork armor weight calculations per
          TacOps [u]errata[/u].
+ Bug: Filter out bulky armor and structures for LAMs.
+ Bug: Set [u]superheavy[/u] engine flag for [u]superheavy[/u] [u]mechs[/u].
+ Bug: [u]Superheavy[/u] mixed [u]tech[/u] units cannot use Clan structure, since [u]superheavy[/u] and standard structure are
       different and there is no Clan [u]superheavy[/u] [u]Endo[/u]-Steel.
+ Issue #93: Conventional Fighter Heat Sinks
+ Issue #90: Conventional infantry not showing support weapons.
+ Issue #95: Vehicle fusion engine weight calculated inconsistently
+ Issue #98: Changing MP on VTOL causing chin turret to disappear
+ Issue #91: Print multiple [u]recordsheets[/u] to the same file as multiple pages?
+ PR #110: Added XCT specialization for infantry.
+ Build and customize Small Craft and [u]Dropships[/u].
+ [u]Mech[/u] printing overhaul
  o Printing for [u]superheavies[/u] and [u]tripods[/u]
  o [u]Stats[/u] for additional crew for [u]tripods[/u] and command consoles
  o Unit-specific sheets for LAMs and QuadVees
  o Move layout info into the [u]svg[/u] files to allow for custom record sheets without need to alter code.
  o Show [u]quirks[/u] and SPAs on record sheet (SPAs require printing from a [u]mul[/u] file which contains the pilot data).
+ Issue #22: Can't print [u]Superheavy[/u] '[u]mechs[/u] 
+ Issue #106: LAM landing gear not placed correctly with compact engine or [u]gyro[/u].
+ Issue #117: VTOL Jet Booster not showing
+ Issue #116: Vehicle Grenade Launcher not being applied to [u]mechs[/u].
+ Issue #490: NPE with campaign.universe.RandomFactionGenerator.addBorderEnemy
+ Issue #494: Regenerate LAM Pilot selects from the Mechwarrior pool.
+ Issue #488: Select bombs throws "index out of bounds" errors in particular campaign file
+ Feature #280: Role folders now supported for random portrait assignment
+ PR #440: Track & report time in service
+ PR #502: Edge use for non-combat personnel
+ Issue #416: Base Attack scenarios fail to generate turrets
+ PR #439: Calculate DropShip rental costs based on untransported units only (and also take into account mothballed units)
+ Issue #452: Actually limit contract search based on contract search radius
+ Issue #429: Switching ammo now updates the UI
+ Bug: vehicle and conventional fighter refits not accounting for possible change in heat sinks.
+ Issue #514: Feature Request: Building Conventional Fighters
+ Issue #496: Possible Packaging issue for releases with MekHQ
+ Issue #507: Artillery skill no longer limited to 7 when initiating battles from within MekHQ
+ Feature: Updated planetary location and ownership data, including two new systems. To revert to the old data, replace planets.xml with data\universe\planets_43_4.xml
+ PR #528: Can add or remove arbitrary amount of XP using via right click on person -> GM Mode
+ Issue #321: New context menu option to randomize portraits for selected personnel.
+ PR #533: New AtB option to prevent unit founders from retiring.
+ PR #526: New option to auto-randomize portrait on job change if no portrait present.
+ PR #530: Greater op-for variety in AtB scenarios (may spawn additional hostile aircraft, infantry and turrets)
+ PR #543: New splash and loading screen art by Spooky!
+ Issue #510: Ratings calculations no longer count dead/retired/missing personnel for support requirements
+ Issue #519: Dragoons rating renamed unit rating
+ Data: New Loading Screens.
+ Customize Small Craft and Dropships in MekLab.
+ Track aerospace bays and doors as repairable parts.
+ Issue #554: Mass Repair/Salvage Button Broken during active campaign.
+ Post-battle scenario resolution now features the ability to explicitly declare whether an individual was KIA,
              replacing the implicit determination from "number of hits". Personnel manually brought back from death will
              no longer stay dead as a result.
Enjoy everyone.
Link to post on Official BattleTech Forum

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