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mystery pilot hits
I recently wet through and changed a few of my settings in mega mek to make a more dynamic tactical experience.  Mainly things like using sensor ranges and the like.  
since then things like this have happened on occasion
"  Puma (Adder) H (Ret's Harbingers) takes 2 damage to LT.
            Armor destroyed.
             7 Internal Structure remaining.
            Critical hit on LT. Roll is 5; no effect.

        Puma (Adder) H (Ret's Harbingers) needs a 7 to avoid pilot damage, rolls a 3,  fails and takes a hit!
        Pilot of Puma (Adder) H (Ret's Harbingers) "Warrior Chris" takes 1 damage (1 total hits).
Pilot of Puma (Adder) H (Ret's Harbingers) "Warrior Chris" needs a 3 to stay conscious.  Rolls 9 : successful!

I have no idea what caused the pilot here to take a hit, I thought pilots only took hits, for falling, head hits, and ammo explosions.  What was the trigger event here for the pilot hit? What rule option is it coming from (that I might have checked accidentally)?
We would need to see the full gamelog. Specifically the gamelog.html and the megamektxt.log
Your pilot has an EI Implant. When they take crits they take hits.
Yup, he does, that was the mechanic I was unaware of, thanks, scJazz. Still a lot of rules and details I'm trying to learn Smile
There could probably be a report here to make it more clear what's going on. I'd be in favor of that.

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