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0.43.6 New ATB Features
First, amazing job on the new Local Forces and Airsupport additions.  It makes the battles very different.  The old battles had been getting a bit repetitive, adding just the air support would have been a huge boost, but then adding the Infantry on top of it makes for a good time.

But I believe that there is a limitation that probably needs to be addressed now.  Many of the matches take place on maps that are barely big enough for a proper dogfight.  I think any map that is going to have Air Support on it needs to be a minimum of 35 in at least one direction.  Otherwise the Air Support is limited to making passes, and intercepting them is near impossible.

That also leads to another possibility that I'd like to see at some point, the ability to deploy Aero Lances much in the same way we deploy Mech Lances.  Right now we can simply add whatever Aero Forces we want to add to the battle, and they show up in 12-Thrust turns.  Which is fine, but I'd like to be able to deploy them on specific missions, like Air Superiority, Ground Support, Deep Strike, for example.

If you ran an Air Superiority Mission, you'd have a percent chance, maybe base it on the Thrust rating of the Lance, that you would pull off the enemy Air Support from one mission per lance.  I'd like to see it actually be a full aero battle, with Probe Victory conditions.  First side to shoot down or drive off 1/4 of the enemy aircraft wins the battle, but neither side can support the ground mission in anyway.

If you ran a Ground Support Mission, you'd have a 1 in 6 chance of being intercepted (which turns it into an Air Superiority Mission), and a 1 in 6 chance of simply not making it to the battle.  Any other result, you would deploy onto the battle the way you would now.

If you ran a Deep Strike Mission, You'd have a 1 in 2 chance of being intercepted (which turns it into an Air Superiority Mission), but if you make it through you get a chance to hit something valuable in the rear lines, like the enemy airfield, and knock out their ability to deploy Air Support for the next week.

The Air Missions are probably some time away, and the percentages would have to be played with for balance reasons, but I'd really like to see the Map size adjusted more than anything.  I could come up with some more Air Missions now that Princess is capable of handling aircraft. (Great job on that btw)
There is a current conversation on Slack to increase the map size by 15 x 15 if ASFs are present.

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