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Beta Testing - MegaMek, MegaMekLab, & MekHQ 0.43.7-betaJan14
###Note: each program is stand alone and not to be used as a patch for an older release (I have to state for new players)
###Any bugs found report them on they will be forgotten on this post

MegaMek 0.43.7-betaJan14
+ Issue #823: Charging Damage against Buildings looks wrong (Mech skidding into building)
+ Issue #637: Infantry in swamp/mud terrain should not have a psr check (Bog Down)
+ Data: Fixing Validation Errors
+ Issue #520: MM allows boats to be deployed under bridges, where they become entrapped.
+ Issue #554: Possible Unexpected Princess Indirect Fire Causes Crash
+ Issue #556: Ammo Explosion not treated as Area Effect vs Battle Armor
+ Issue #831: Fixed a few situations where hostile players were able to incorrectly detect hidden units
+ Issue #834: (PlayerColors) java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
+ Issue #835: MRM-30 ammo does not explode when hit
+ Issue #696: Arrow IV infernos calculate cover incorrectly?
+ Issue #737: Oblique Attacker can't indirect fire without a spotter
+ Changed ghost target ECM modifier from +2 to +3 per errata.
+ Issue #761: Protomechs and ghost targets
+ Issue #815: Space movement for aero units being resolved incorrectly
+ Issue #837: Mauser IIc and other clan infantry weapons missing in customization
+ Issue #838: NPE Princess.calculatePhysicalTurn
+ Issue #463: Megamek sometimes fails to show the * symbol to warn that movement will require a PSR
+ Fixes for multiple hangs during turn change when deploying minefields and unloading stranded passengers from transports.
+ PR#842 - Inner Sphere & Periphery skins update
+ Issue #839: Bots on "no team" no longer refuse to fire on other players with "no team".
+ Bug: Some BA were not writing all crit slots to MUL.
+ Issue #382: Added remaining structure CF to damage reports when structures (buildings, bridges, etc) are damaged.
+ Improvement to Princess deployment algorithm - should no longer put units in places where they can't get out.
+ Fixes for multiple issues relating to unit movement when unit is subjected to a point blank shot from a hidden unit
+ Errata: Infantry no longer get -1 modifier on bog down checks
+ Unofficial feature: option to allow AMS to engage multiple times per round.
+ Aeros can no longer attempt to 'evade' an unlimited number of times.
+ Issue #862: Fighter Squadron BV
+ Data: New Sprites and adding MWO Canon Mechs(Sun Spider and Roughneck)

MegaMekLab 0.43.7-betaJan14
+ Issue #123: Small Craft free heatsinks
+ Issue #124: Conventional fighters with fusion engines
+ Issue #126: LAM split crit weapons erroneous warning
+ Issue #127: Combat Vehicle Internal Structure Calculation
+ Added "Show Unavailable" checkbox to equipment tab that will show equipment that is filtered out so user
  can check intro dates and tech levels. 
+ Issue #129: Fusion Powered vehicle has no shielding
+ PR #130: Embedded fonts for mech record sheet printing.
+ Issue #132: Aero heat sinks added as pod-mounted on non-omnifighter.

MekHQ 0.43.7-betaJan14 (equipment tab in HQ's MML works now)
+ Issue #567: BA standard armor cannot be repaired
+ Issue #576: CCE on loading campaign with DS with missing thruster(s)
+ Feature: Advanced time by one month.
+ Issue #583: Ammunition Reload Issues
+ Greater OpFor variety: generated infantry may now be hidden. Odds depend on AtB difficulty setting.
+ Issue #575: Refits do not correctly handle equipment changing location
+ Issue #46: Locations removed via refit seem to not remove the associated parts
+ Issue #71: Units that finish refitting are often missing ammo and components
+ Issue #114: ASF refit issues
+ Issue #508: Armor kits are free when customizing infantry
+ Issue #461 Integrated heat sinks not added to refit shopping list
+ Bug: Armor removed in a refit is not the same as armor needed to refit back to original
+ Feature (Issue #275): Improved visibility for amount of available ammo/armor in repair tab
+ Do not require waiting for a refit kit if the only needed parts are ammo or ammo bins.
+ Not having enough ammo in the warehouse to fill all the bins will not delay the start of a refit.
+ Issue #300: Comstar ranks do not take into account service years when determining the main "pilot" of a vehicle
+ Issue #378: Thruster Maintenance on Conventional/Aerospace Fighters 
+ Bug: NPE when attempting to refit unit that previously had a refit canceled.
+ Issue #454: News won't fire at campaign creation
+ Issue #500: Contract view text alignment
+ Issue #504: Tactics can be negative
+ Bug: MML packaged with MekHQ cannot find needed libraries.
+ Issue #525: Available Time for Mothball Not Calculating Correctly
+ Issue #520: GM Tools Window not placed correctly
+ Issue #537: Repair Bay tasks list location filter resets when changing mode of a task.
+ Issue #553: Fatigue check occurring too early
+ Issue #556: MM giving disconnected from server error when launched from MHQ
+ Issue #329: The "do task" button on the repair bay UI tends to jump left and right
+ Issue #570: Unit Rating unsustainable
+ Issue #574: Dropship capacity Inconsistancy
+ Issue #591: Special Abilities can be selected multiple times
+ Issue #577: MRMS does not always use BTH settings

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