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I have been enjoying Mega Mek a lot, and I am loving the new additions to the program.  I do have a few suggestions/requests:

MegaMek options
   -No physical attacks for Clan Pilots
          -currently it looks like it is set to clan meks and Megamek does seem to track Clan pilots vs IS pilots.

   -Better tooltips or descriptions for Mass Repair
        -I've played with it for a few hours and still not sure how it works
   -In the Warehouse an "expendables" column.
        -This would have armor, and ammo.  This list would also include that ammo you have for weapons that you currently have outfitted and none left as well as the option to buy more from that tab.
                -The current system is either clunky(purchase parts) or very hard to read due to being spread out to much(parts in use)

   - Tooltip descriptions for 'mech quirks
         -not sure what some of them are, not all of them are on

   - When a Shoulder or Hip actuator are damaged it is still hard to figure out to fix the problem
         -This is greatly improved from where it was in the past but still a little bit of a pain to run down the right part
             - I would make the part salvageable in the Repair screen

   - The retirement roles are incredibly unforgiving
         -The option that founders don't retire is amazingly helpful but it still hurts when the minimum role required doesn't go below a 7.
             - also would like a minimum time of service before someone gets a retirement roll I am thinking ~1 year or end of Contract whichever is later for new recruits.
             - I recently received a retirement roll on a Monday, checked the personnel market and hired a green Mechwarrior, then I rolled for retirement.  That Green Mechwarrior retired and demanded over a million C-bills. That is just a little bit excessive.  
             -Use of HR admin skill as a modifier to help keep personnel or pay a bonus to keep the person instead of instant retirement.
         -Maybe an option for personnel to have individual contracts, with HR admin skill you can renegotiate with them for a bonus

Thanks guys for making this, I am really enjoying everything you have done so far!
Zell rules on Physical Attacks only apply to Clan MechWarriors. BA/Protos are allowed to conduct physical attacks under Zell rules.

MRMS definitely needs better documentation.

Make a Feature Request on GitHub for the Ammo/Armor filter, Quirks ToolTips, and MRMS. Probably will not get included in this Release Cycle as they are in "feature freeze" right now but worth making the request.

The Hip/Shoulder salvage thing can be easily handled using the Location Filter. It defaults to ALL. It is right under the Do Task button.

The Retirement Rules in the AtB feature are designed to be incredibly unforgiving. The general recommendation for new players is to just turn them OFF. Using GM Mode you can cheat. You can also modify the rolls in the retirement screen. Negative Numbers are better. Every New Player and some old ones complain about the Retirement Rules.

Special Note: While these forums are a great place to discuss issues, features, and recommendations please keep in mind that only entries on the GitHub will ever be remembered or implemented. If it doesn't exist on GH, it doesn't exist Smile So brainstorming about these items is encouraged here on the Forums once the idea has been fleshed out it should be entered as a ticket on GH. Tickets often include links back to these and other forums which helps the Developers understand the issues.

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