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New Development Snapshot 0.43.10 (0.44 RC4) for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,

Some good fixes in this release. Including a couple which are fixed by way of enhancements to the way it was done before.

Not only are we bumping version due to a new MM jar, but we actually have some fixes this go round!

We're slowly creeping in on stable with some good fixes in this release. Most importantly a few of us teamed up to crush the nasty issues many people had when fielding artillery or in certain situations with the bot. We also, using the code written to fix the MegaMek Mount List, also fixed long lists of techs and units on the TO&E popup menu.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous release.


Download Here
+ PR #952: Ground to air fix
Fixes issue #864: SRMs properly deal damage to airborne targets in the event that they hit
+ PR #964: Aero Sensor Suites and Visibility in Atmosphere/Low Vis Conditions
Fixes issue #387: Fixed aero targeting in limited-visibility scenarios
+ PR #946: shaky stick logic adjustment
Fixes issue #942: Shaky Stick SPA now only applies to ground-to-air attacks
+ PR #945: Fix (Again) for Tooltip Problems
Fixes issue #943: Setting tooltip dismiss delay to -1 no longer freezes clint
+ PR #947: Fix for #936 && PR #938: Fix for tooltip NPEs
Fixes issue #936 revisited: Fixed a situation where Princess would freeze during simultaneous turn movement phase after mechwarrior ejection.
+ PR #959: Fixed cost for CASE
Fixes issue #949: Kraken (Bane) 3 costs over 5 billion c-bills
+ Issue #948: Error in armor of Reptar and Araña
+ PR #940: Fixed number of crits for Clan endo-composite
+ PR #939: Unit type adds for mhq
+ PR #937: Artillery Class Cast Errors
Cleans up Server.assignAMS() regarding NPE caused by non-homing artillery rounds
Partially fixes #936: 0.43.9-RC3 Princess crashes
+ PR #950: Make Mount List Submenus
Fixes issues #764: Mount List Too Long
+ PR #967: Ant bulid.xml fix
Fixes issue with ant build.xml not seeing localized files
+ PR #956: Added cost for T_AEROSPACE_ARMOR
Fixes issue mekhq#671: aerospace armor costs -5
+ PR #941: Unload Stranded Bug fix and Voluntary Infantry Unloading Implementation
Fixes princess throwing NPEs when she has stranded units in the deployment phase
+ PR #953: Make weapon mode button handling better
Fixes issues #829: Switching off PPC Field Inhibitor has no effect

Download Here
+ Issue #147: Clan Endo-Composite is showing wrong crit slots.
+ Issue #136: 'Cargo Space' cannot be removed from canon units.
Update MegaMek.jar to v0.43.9-RC4

Download Here
+ PR #670: Adjusted unit rating calculation and infantry counts
    Fixes issue #639: CO calculates Infantry Skill Level Incorrectly
    Campaign Ops rating now properly reflects infantry skill and more accurately calculates combat unit transport capacity
+ PR #689: Make Endo Steel crits work correctly again
    Fixes issue #688: Cannot slot Endo Steel crits
+ PR #690: Add missing OmniPod for some parts
    Fixes issue #668: Empty heat sink/double heat sink omnipods not available for Purchase Parts
+ Updated faction-change info from Reunification for Canopus
+ Bugfix: Can't mass recruit prisoners who are willing to defect
+ Fix weird behavior with person panel when the crew size is > 1 and other conditions are met
+ PR #697: Process exploded units for prisoner capture
    Fixes issue #531: Destroyed Units not generating crews for Capture/Prisoner
+ PR #676: Fix variable weight
    Fixes issue #675: Save/Load Game Does Not Properly Track Weight EquipmentParts
+ PR #692: Implement SPA import from MUL
    Fixes issue #108: Import from MUL Option Does Not Seem to Load Saved Abilities
+ PR #678: Too long popup lists
    Fixes issue where popup menus could get extremely long
    This is only a partial fix, and adding the methods that can be used to fix it elsewhere
+ PR #699: New day cleanup
    Fixes issue #698: Income/Expenses Processed in wrong order
+ PR #700: Handle large craft unit values again
    Fixes issue #680: Contract payment based on Large Craft unit value does not appear to work
+ PR #673: Implement ability to acquire ammo in parts acquisition dialog via GM Mode
    Fixes issue #698: Unable to GM Acquire clan ammo
+ PR #701: Update Mission.planetName to Mission.planetId for consistency
    Fixes issue #328: If you accept a contract on Taussen, the game teleports you back to Terra once you arrive
+ PR #802: Fix the campaign level planet pt. 2
    The rest of the fix for issue #328
+ PR #703: Make payroll monthly again, whups
    Fixes bug where payroll was accidentally made daily
+ Fix ATB adds 0 value transactions to the finance logs
Updated MegaMek.jar to v0.43.9-RC4
Updated MegaMekLab.jar to v0.43.9-RC4
Enjoy everyone.

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