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New Development Snapshot 0.43.11 (0.44 RC4) for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Ok, assuming no one breaks anything, or finds anything major in this release. The next release will be the new Stable and a new Dev cycle will begin.  Next cycle we’ve got lots of ideas we are considering, things like trailers, improving princess, adding features to AtB, and the lab will get more unit types to build (Protomechs, Large Space Craft).

So that begs the question what type of things would you like to see this cycle? No promises, but we always want to hear from our players.

Some good fixes in this release. Data wise Deadborder is back with another insane sprite project. I’ll see if anyone notices it.

Fixes nothing but fixes.

Lots of fixes.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous release. 


Download Here
• Data: Adding missing weights for infantry weapons.
• PR #971: Fixes for incorrect flight time calculations for cruise missile artillery in weapon bays and/or on spacecraft.
• PR #696: Fixes #974: Edge Reroll for Superchargers Breaks Superchargers
• PR #983: Implement "waypoint launch" for capital missiles
          Prevent capital missiles from being fired in anything other than normal mode on non-space maps
          Fix inability to switch firing modes on capital missiles
• PR #963: Fix for glitchy-looking empty hexes near window edges when rendering large/zoomed maps in isometric mode
• Data: New and Updated Sprites.
• Updated RAT generator files with dropship name changes and conformed mechs and vehicles to MUL early SW era.
• Data: New and Fixed RATs (thanks mkerensky)
• Data: Various minor data fixes, including fix for #984,#719
• Data: Fixing #906 Incorrect heat for Prototype Rocket Launcher 15
• PR #985: When considering point blank shots from hidden units, Princess will make use of torso twists.
• PR #988: Sniper SPA should not affect LOS-range shots, per errata
• Data: Reference fixes for ATOW-C equipment, and making the Mydron a little lighter.

Download Here
• Issue #156: Davy Crockett ammo issue
• Issue #152: Mech Image not printing
• Issue #157: Turret disappeared
• PR #158: Infantry fixes (refresh equipment when year or tech level changes).
• Updating Megamek.jar, updating what shows on infantry equipment table.
• Updated MegaMek.jar to v0.43.11-RC5 

Download Here
• PR #707: Added MissingOmniPod class needed for acquisition.
• PR #709: Fix for #704: NPE when bringing up the refit dialog
• PR #715: Fix for #718: Unit.isCommander Error Correctly handle check for unit commander if unit has no crew.
• PR #720: Fix for issue #353 [ATB] Special mission - SL mech piloted by Tech Mech is VETERAN and not GREEN
• PR #721: Fix for issue #631 [0.43.7-RC1] Battlefield control observation missing from special missions
• PR #712: Fix for issue #708 [0.43.10-RC4 : Bug] Old Contacts Appearing in Deployment Requirements
• Fix for issue #706 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BaseAttackBuiltInScenario
• Fix for most cases of issue #695 Base Attack (Defense) mission generate with no Allies or OpFor in AtB and #674 AtB fails to generate opfor
• The only exception being if the opfor has no RAT for the current contract date, which will be addressed in a separate PR.
• PR #725: Fix for issue #714 0.43.2 Migration to 0.43.9 causes Phantom Personel in Unit Breakdown
• PR #726: Fix issue #600 and #621 where inner sphere prisoners were being converted to trueborn warriors and clanners were being turned into freebirths
• PR #723: If GM-generate contract fails to generate contracts, an message is output to the daily log instead of failing silently
• Added Rasalhague Dominion to playable factions list
• PR #737: Allow the user to enter non-canon names into the location textbox when editing a mission/contract
• Data: Updating Mechfiles, RATs, and Images in MekHQ repo to match Megamek ones.
• PR #738: Fix for issue #731 [43.10 AtB] contracts become uncompleted
• Updated MegaMek.jar to v0.43.11-RC5
• Updated MegaMekLab.jar to v0.43.11-RC5
Enjoy everyone.
Link to release post on Official CGL forums -

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