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Manually add hits taken to mechwarrior
Hi all,

I've recently started using MekHQ to run a campaign IRL, just using it to keep track of everything. (Awesome job devs by the way)

I've been able to input mech damage fine, but I can't seem to find a way to manually add injuries to the personnel, like mechwarrior hits - am I being blind or is this just not a feature?
Currently that isn't an option without editing files. I've opened a ticket it for it here -
Thanks Hammer!

For anyone wondering how to do it manually in the meantime, open your campaign file in a text editor and search within the <personnel> section for the crew you need to injure, then change the <hits> value from 0 to the required number.

Edit: Alternatively if you don't like editing files, you can create a scenario, deploy the relevant forces and then use resolve battle wizard button, ignore the request for a MUL file and just click ok. You will be given a screen where you can edit the damage on your units, and then the next page lets you use sliders to assign hits to personnel.
This landed in 0.45 via

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