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New Development Snapshot 0.45.0 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the first release of the next Development cycle, and wow have we been packing stuff in here.  But before I go into the good stuff, let me remind you this is a Dev release and while we feel it’s playable there maybe be unforeseen issues.  But let’s start with the fun stuff what’s new….

Princess continues to go to various academies in the Inner Sphere to get smarter.  She’s graduated with better skills with infantry.  We've actually seen her avoid running infantry into Firestarters in open terrain!

She decided to skip basic naval operations and went straight into the Newtonian Physics mode. Yes…on a space map she’s learning to move the big ships and small ships, and yes she can shoot. So Bot in Space.........

On the topic of Space Warfare, mkerensky continues to give us more things to do in space.  The latest is Tele-Operated missiles and StratOps Advanced Space Sensors.

But the biggest feature and it’s been FOUR years in the making is the Force Generator. This tool pulls from canon data from the MUL, sourcebooks, and scenario packs to allow the player to generate any formation you could think off.  Below are a tiny examples of what can be generated.  If your machine is powerful enough and you have the patience it will generate an entire SLDF Army for you!

Dieron Regulars Mech Regiment circa 3025          
[Image: hn8nqUnl.png]                          
Clan Goliath Scorpion Cluster circa 2978
[Image: 8rneB9pl.png]

Word of Black Shadow Division Circa 3074
[Image: uvT0maPl.png]

SLDF Royal Jump Infantry Division circa 2778 (note this is showing a small sample of the units necessary to lift the division)
[Image: EFPNueCl.png]

SLDF Squadron circa 2778
[Image: X9I6gvvl.png]

and lastly Deadboarder is into his next huge project for us. Tanks....that's right a sprite for every tank and its variants.

Not much in the way of features this release, but some bug fixes. Next release will have a huge feature. 

The ability to build Large Spacecraft – Jumpships, Warships, Space Stations.  As an extension of that all those ship types will be remade to be in line with the current construction rules.  For fun we’ve dug through the notes in 3057R and some of the other books and made our versions of some missing ships.

**Remember I said in the next release not this one**

Also rumor has it...Protomek construction is on deck in the fall.

MekHQ has had lots of little things and a couple of big things.

The big thing is the start of a plug-in system.  I’m going to let Neoancient explain it when he see’s the new release post or read the notes in the docs folder – plugins.txt

“You call these baubles, well, it is with baubles that men are led… Do you think that you would be able to make men fight by reasoning? Never. That is only good for the scholar in his study. The soldier needs glory, distinctions, and rewards.” - Napoléon Bonaparte

Yep….medals, ribbons and awards are in.  If anyone wants to make canon’ish medals and rewards we’d love to add them to future releases.

Onto the small small things!
  • Improvements to the finance tab, including the ability to export information to CSV so BattleTech comes to Excel! True AccountTech.
  • We are testing some custom rules for fixing space craft
  • Mass mothball and reactivate
  • GM Mode Strip Unit, strips a unit and puts its parts in the warehouse…anyone for a easy way to make spare parts?
  • Improved Daily Log History.
 Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  
As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous one.
Download Here
+ PR #1010: New snow theme light woods images for Bloodwolf tilesets & removal of volcano theme woods.
+ Issue #1008: When adding units through Add A Combat Unit dialog adds two instead of one when using enter key
+ PR #989: Errata - Range Master SPA no longer applicable to LOS range
+ PR #1001: [Feature] Prototype improvements to infantry pathfinding allowing Princess to make significantly better use of infantry than previously.
+ PR #1013: Defer calculating initial BV when adding multiple entities to game.
        Fixes bug that disconnects C3 networks when loading from MUL of any unit loaded before the C3 master.
+ Issue #1027: Off-board Infantry Field Artillery "Target Out of Arc"
+ Issue #1028: Infantry TAG has 0 range
+ PR #1025: [Feature] Princess can now fly spacecraft using the advanced flight rules.
+ PR #997: [Feature] Spacecraft can now fire tele-operated missiles.
+ Fixed fusion engine weight calculation for conventional fighter validation.
+ Issue #1048: Field Gunners unable to target Air Units
+ Issue #1046: Narc Ammo Type Missing From Reports
+ Issue #1039: NPE FiringDisplay.clear
+ PR #1054: Adding the small pilot custom trait [Pilot option that ignores effects of cramped cockpit quirk]
+ Issue #1038: BA leg attack doesn't report hit
+ Issue #1023: MM doesn't inform user if previous solo attack was made (like leg attack)
+ Bug: ammo selection in lounge is filtered using variable tech level even when option is not enabled.
+ Issue #1017: Advanced munitions available at standard tech level
+ PR #970: [Feature] Implementation of StartOps Advanced Space Sensors
+ Issue #1060: Allow Princess to properly consider paths that take her aircraft (VTOL and ASF) over low-CF fixed structures
+ Issue #1056: Rotary AC Ammo Does Not Populate Munitions Carried Lists
+ PR #1041: Force Generator
              Available as tab in Random Army Dialog; generates faction- and era-appropriate forces up to a regiment
              (larger for some factions) with optional support combat and transport forces. Some or all of the
              force can be added to the forces in the lounge or exported to a MUL.
              See documentation: docs/RAT Stuff/force-generator.txt
+ PR #1070: Makes the advanced search dialog smaller by default and resizable.
+ PR #1071 - Mech Sprites
+ Data - New Sprites
+ Issue #1073: Princess will no longer be able to move out-of-control aeros on ground and atmospheric maps
+ PR #1064: Fixes targeting and landing issues with glider protomechs

Download Here
+Issue #169: Request Users Java Version Be Printed To Log File
+Issue #32: UI elements do not allow enough area for text on Linux (Gnome 3/Fedora)
+Added menu to allow user to select look and feel theme.
+Issue #170: Infantry Window Title Not Updating
+Issue #168: Changing mech type, tonnage or heat sink type causes irrecoverable error when assigning critical locations
+Issue #142: Fixed issues with setting cockpit type when switching other mech settings
Download Here
PR #602: Add KIA checkbox and functionality to prisoners during scenario resolution.
Issue #308: Can now change contract payment multiplier when manually creating a new contract.
PR #741: Updated configuration presets for new campaigns to include new special pilot abilities.
Issue #445: Lengthy repairs now show the unit's name if the repair runs over more than one day.
PR #742: Errata - Range Master SPA no longer applicable to LOS range
Issue #384: Cannot negotiate contract terms because the game selects the highest skilled admin
and not the one with the negotiating skill
PR #766: [Feature] Added balance-over-time and revenue/expenditure charts to finances tab
PR #769: [Feature] Added tooltips to tonnage labels on force view when AtB is enabled.
PR #760: [Feature] Allow the user to introduce a modifier to the contract score of an AtB contract
PR #762: [Feature] Addresses RFE #515, by allowing 'export finances' as a CSV. Various minor fixes to other export mechanisms.
PR #762: Help -> About popup now contains link to MegaMek github home page.
PR #777: Addresses issue #776, by allowing the user to order up to a 1000 of some part or personnel class at a time, up from 100 previously.
PR #787: Adds total value for parts and fixes issue with net worth calculation for parts
Show java version and system info in log file.
PR #640: [Feature] Experimental aerospace equipment damage and repair times errata (aerospace equipment is damaged based on how many hits it has taken and repairs don't take an order of magnitude longer than mech equipment repairs)
PR #758: Start of MekHQ plugin system
Currently includes support for external plugin for alternate personnel market methods.
See documentation in docs/plugins.txt.
PR #800: Correctly calculate admin costs for government forces per Campaign Ops rules.
PR #804: Two fixes to GM mode finances -> edit transaction
PR #801: [Feature] Personnel awards
PR #799: [Feature] Optional "Pay for Repairs" per Campaign Ops, page 140
Issue #773: Fix text color for person text in Personnel and Hangar "Graphic" views
Issue #549: Allow AtB-style prisoner ransom for prisoners even if the AtB option isn't enabled
Issue #819: Dropshop Baydoor unrepairable
Issue #796: LAM Pilot shows as Support in Personnel Breakdown
PR #821: Fix occasional issue where mechwarrior names with apostrophes and other "funny" characters would show up weird for completed scenarios.
PR #823: Fix for adding phantom heat sinks when restoring aerospace unit
Issue #824: Post game salvage/prisoners didn't show up.
Issue #729: Fix for 'adjust contract pay' calculating number of required lances at the wrong time.
PR #831: Fix two bugs in Edit Injuries dialog
Advanced medical: remove injury and change injury types choices when location changes.
PR #823: Feature: Damage pilots from GM mode (non-advanced medical)
PR #811: [Feature]: Mass mothball/reactivate. Reactivating now does its best to restore the unit's force/crew/tech assignments.
Issue #830: [Feature]: GM Mode "Strip Unit". Takes all parts off the given unit(s) and place them in the warehouse.
Issue #775: [Feature]: Daily Log History. Retains 'daily log' entries for up to 120 days when turned on. Entry history is cleared when the user exits the program.
Issue #834: Partial fix - mechs with "messed up" ammo bins will no longer eat the player's ammo. As a workaround, when you encounter such a case gm-remove the unit and add a fresh one.

Enjoy everyone.
All of you are awesome. Thank you for all the hard work.

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