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AeroTech 2 / SRM4 Damage wrong?

according to Aerotech2 (Revised) the SRM-4 weapon should do 6 damage on SRV.
In MegaMek versions 43.2 and 44.0 the SRM-4 only does 4 damage.

Aerotech-fighters like the SL-21 Sholagar are inflicting less damage and have 1 hit check less (instead of 5+1 on 2 different locations and so 1 more chance for a crit they actually do only 4 damage on 1 location).

Is there a chance to get a fix of this?

Best regards

Aerotech2 is an outdated ruleset and in Total Warfare the AV for a SRM4 is now 4. See the table of pg 303.

I should note their where alot of changes to Aero in general between AeroTech 2 and Total Warfare.
Thank you for the fast response.

Best regards


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