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New Development Snapshot 0.45.1 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Next release in this development cycle.  The big thing in this is the long-awaited ability to build Large Craft (Jumpships, Warships, and Space Stations).  

Something very important about the Large Craft Data files – they have all been remade to match the rules in Strategic Operations and Interstellar Operations.   Consider TRO 3057R was released in 2004 which was 2 years before Total Warfare, and 4 years prior to Strategic Operations so the units currently in Megamek are based of the old Aerotech 2 and AT2 Revised Rules. 

We’ve done considerable research, and worked with the old stats to come up with revised stats that match the current rules.  We’ve also reworked names to better reflect the introduction of the ships. We’ve also added some ships described in various fluff.  Going forward we are going to consider these redesign ships as “Our Fixed Canon Ships”. This will be one of those very rare times we won't match the MUL or the TRO. If CGL ever decides to update the ship designs we'll be certain to update the designs to those stats.

Anyone who has made Large craft by hand will find errors loading these ships, there is a huge amount of code that has changed to make these ships build able and numerous tags and equipment names have got changes. In addition, these ships are now validated against the construction rules. The only option is to remake them in MegaMekLab.

The next couple of months we’ll be working on improving how the projects are released, and support for the next generation of Java. There will be a slow down in new playable stuff, but in the long run we’ll be able to do more.

One teaser for this winter; the next unit type that will be getting construction rules coded into MegaMekLab is ProtoMeks (This includes the last few pieces of missing equipment  that need coding to play in MegaMek.) 

In addition to Large Craft stuff, we have some new camo’s (Thanks BLOODWOLF), Princess can now have separate destination and retreat edges, we’ve got bug fixes for the Force Generator, lots of new vehicle sprites and some new “Royal” mechs (colored). As always see the change logs for specifics.

Some bug fixes but the biggie is Large Craft Construction.  If anyone hasn't been keeping up with what MegaMekLab can do see here.

Lots of bug fixes, and usability features (see change log).  Full support for Large Craft in MekHQ is still a few months away.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.
There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.
Name Issues with units

The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable. 


Download Here
+ PR #1096: Security - address XXE vulnerabilities in XML parsers
+ PR #1053: Gradient & Difference Clouds Camos
+ Issue #1081: Narc Explosive ammo type no longer missing the letter "E" in reports
+ Issue #378: [Feature] Implements Tac Ops "Use AMS as Weapon" rule
+ Issue #1051: AMS no longer nags player when a shutdown mech is attacked
+ Data: New Sprites and data fixes.
+ PR #1084: [Feature] Allow bot to have separate destination edges (similar to "immediate withdrawal") 
         and retreat edges (for when the bot is trying to "forced withdraw" crippled units)
+ Data: Moving old and out of date file.
+ PR #1092: Fixes for force generator (some unit rating mismatches, skill calculations, a few faction rule fixes)
+ PR #1100: Changed a long-standing bot behavior where a bot with "immediate withdrawal" 
        on would ignore "forced withdrawal" rules and keep firing with its crippled units.
+ Data: New Sprites and some unit fixes.
+ PR #1118: Expose MULParser.parse(Element) for MekHQ perf improvements.
+ Issue #612: [Feature] Year setting in various random unit generation mechanisms now gets set to the game year whenever that changes.
+ PR #1068: Advanced Aerospace construction data and unit fixes.

Download Here

+ Issue #178: Equipment Table getting stuck on one equipment type.
+ Issue #181: Cannot assign silver bullet gauss ammo to dropship
+ Issue #182: Cruise Missile Ammo on Dropships erratic allocation behavior
+ Issue #184: Vehicular Stealth Armour Requirements
+ PR #172: Advanced aerospace construction

Download Here
+ PR #864: Security - address XXE vulnerabilities in XML parsers
+ Issue #814: Fixed AtB morale calculation to match AtB rules
+ Fixed JAR packaging error that made personnel market methods inaccessible.
+ Issue #860: Fixed concurrent modification exception during campaign load if units unsalvageable and should be removed.
+ PR #844: Feature - display a tech's XP on the repair tab and doctor's XP on the infirmary tab.
+ PR #863: Feature - allow bots to have separate retreat and destination edges, see megamek notes.
    Also upgrades AtB Chase scenarios to randomly have the player start on the north or the south edge instead of always south.
+ Issue #866: Fixed cancelling GM Add XP subtracts one (1) XP.
+ Issue #859: Fixed JSpinner text box overriding user-typed values.
+ Issue #857: Fixed bug where refit armor may not be attached to a unit on load.
+ Issue #843: Implemented sorting and scrollbar on several long lists in personnel right click menu.
+ Issue #877: Feature: Categorized births and pregnancy log entries as medical
+ Issue #858: Escaped XML was not correctly unescaped in LogEntry.generateInstanceFromXML()
+ PR #894: Fixes generation of AtBContracts with 0 req. lances
+ PR #121: allow purchasing and adding of parts en-masse
+ Issue #855: Fixed parts in transit not displaying correctly (showing up as "OmniPod")
+ PR #807: Cosmetic and accuracy improvements to AtB contract profit estimate display (in the contract market)
+ Issue #895: Fix invariant to check if tech time available for maintenance.
+ Issue #853: Do not report on the part's unit if not present during multi-day repairs.
+ Issue #849: Consider a person's secondary role during training XP calculations.
+ Issue #836: Use native file dialogs and remember the last used folder.
+ PR #909: Fix NullPointerException in ResolveScenarioTracker.
+ PR #908: Fix NPE in getPartInUse if EquipmentType is null.
Enjoy everyone.

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