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Question about fluff text
So, noticed a weird thing.  In MML, the COM-2D's Preview page has some fluff text on it.  It doesn't look like the full fluff from TRO:3025 (original or revised), TRO:3039, or even TRO:Succession Wars, but it actually has short fluff paragraphs (labeled Overview, Capabilities, & Deployment).

But I can't figure out a) how to edit it, or b) how to add it to my own custom files (or even add it to any of the other stock 'Mechs).  Any hints?
We can't directly copy the text from the TRO's due to copy write. So those are paraphrased wordings.  The files have tags in the them that shows the text.

We are in the middle of a major rework of how units get shown in the viewer, and the ability to add fluff text in MegaMekLab. That is due out before the end of the year.

My advice would be to hold off doing anything until that is released. For a preview of the before and after look you can see sample screenshots here - TRO Entry Project
Ooh, can’t wait! It would be great to be able to add fluff for my custom designs. Keep up the excellent work!

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