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New Development Snapshot 0.45.2 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Next release in this development cycle.  It's been a couple of months since our last releases and we've got a lot of stuff in this one. So friendly reminder, there will likely be bugs under the hood here.  The biggest additions in this release are addition of TRO style summary and Protomek construction.

TRO Style Summary
For years we've had people tell us one of the biggest issues they have with MegaMekLab is it's inability to give good outputs.  So we've launched a new summary and TRO tab.  We've got a new template library to format unit stats in the official TRO format. The primary motivation for this was to make a more complete unit summary available for exporting unit designs from MML in plain text.

Each unit type has both an HTML and a plain text template. The HTML template is used to add an alternate unit display in the unit selector dialog:
[Image: pMA1rJil.png]

We've also expanded the fluff fields and show them in the TRO tab. In MegaMekLab there is a new tab for editing fluff. It still has a couple things left to do.  Here is an example of what the display looks like with the fluff filled in:
[Image: GkpzjMpl.png] [Image: iS8pZw0l.png]

Looking ahead plans include adding support for assigning manufacturers and models for individual pieces of mounted equipment and an option to integrate it with factory data in MekHQ. With a template library in place a rework of the BV and cost summaries is also in order.

In addition to the TRO Style summary, we've some of the missing Protomek equipment (Melee weapon, Quad melee system, Fusillade, and Magnetic clamps). Princess continues to go to flight school, with the ability to handle aerospace units with non-advanced flight rules. We also have fixes for the force generator, Zweihander SPA, tons of new sprites, and added the ability to have system wide equipment

In addition to the Protomek construction there are lots of bug fixes. Protomek completions allows us to start planning the Support Vee construction in the new year.

Lots of bug fixes and some new stuff.  We've added the Tech SPA, Planet-Based Acquisition, improvements to awards, and more historical data.  Looking down the road we've got improvements to scenario generation coming, canon generated data for all systems in all eras.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.
Name Issues with units
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable. 

Download Here
-Switched build system from ant to gradle.
-Issue #1122: Piloting/gunnery skills generated from the wrong tables [Force Generator]
-PR #1132: Zweihander
-Issue #1149: Force Generator switching from Mechs to Protomechs for Clans that deploy them
-Data: Various fixes to unit names as a result of the Large Craft changes.
-Data: New Sprites
-PR #1152: Refactor of methods for getting pilot SPAs
-Issue #1127: Fix for units not applying camo in certain circumstances
-PR #1164: System wide equipment [Support for aerospace equipment in a generic, non-firing arc location]
-Issue #1172: Game Non-Responsive
-Data: New Sprites
-PR #1170: Bullet-proofing various edge cases for space maps; weather related info no longer displayed in space
-Issue #1177: Rocket Launcher bug after configuring unit
-PR #1185: Protomech validation, updates to protomech unit files from errata and addition of Wars of Reaving units.
-PR #1186: Protomech equipment (implentation of melee weapon, quad melee system, fusillade, and magnetic clamps)
-PR #1184: Bot handling for aerospace units on low-atmospheric maps and on space maps using non-advanced flight rules
-PR #1193: TRO style summary
-Data: New Sprites

Download Here
-Switched build system from ant to gradle.
-Bug: Aerospace transport tab does not refresh when tech base/year/level changes.
-Issue #195: Multiple Items of One Ammo Type Don't Add to Available Tonnage for Large Craft
-Issue #198: Nova CEWS & heat sinks on vehicles
-Issue #203: Inner Sphere Endo Steel is unavailable to early clan mechs
-Issue #194: Large Aerospace Unit Tonnage Doesn't Update at Bottom of Screen
-Issue #206: Mass Driver Ammo doesn't use up weight
-Issue #208: MMLs don't seem to need gunners
-Issue #207: Warship Crew Accommodation Officer Count/Quarters
-PR #209: System-wide equipment [general location for non-weapon equipment for aerospace units and
ammo in fighters]
-Issue #205: Blue Shield Particle Field Dampener (BSPFD) can't be dragged into ASF slots
-Issue #210: Superheavy printing issue: Armor distribution wrong?
-Issue #211: Warship Cost Breakdown shows BV calculation
-Issue #186: Weapons & Equipment Inventory table content linespacing
-Issue #213: Battle Armor Pop Up Mines way too heavy
-Issue #214: Battle Armour Sorting Equipment by Weight
-Issue #215: Quadvees have issues with Quadvee cockpits and XL/XXL engines
-Issue #218: Heavy Gauss Rifles on Superheavy 'Mechs Triggering Split Crit Dialog
-PR #212: Protomechs
-PR #221: TRO and fluff [Export format defaults to TRO-style, older format available in configuration dialog.
Adds tab for editing unit fluff.]

Download Here
-Switched build system from ant to gradle.
-Issue #917: Hire Full Compliment Regularly Hires Bondsmen
-Issue #919: Dropship Crewmembers/techs displayed as "Nobody" In Repair Bay
-Issue #860, #911: Remove unusable units after multi-day or mass repairs.
-PR #923: Tech SPA
-PR #928: Allow mothballed units in retirement dialog
-PR #927: Map Colors for Socio-Industrial Level
-PR #926: Planet-based acquisition option
-Issue #946: Some personnel (techs and admins) no longer able to be right clicked.
-Issue #856: Invalid AtB required lances number no longer prevents user from editing contract
-Planets: Added additional data to planets.xml
-PR #956: System-wide equipment [Aerospace system equipment not associated with weapons shows in a fuselage
or hull location when filtering by location in repair tab].
-Issue #852: Support for Award clusters if an award is given multiple times to a person.
-Issue #905: Fixes NPE when a spouse is missing on campaign load or personnel menu click.
-PR #882: Adds support for gzipped Campaign files (*.cpnx.gz).
-Planets: Reunification War data for Outworlds Alliance + start of RWR
-PR #959: Fix for inability to repair damaged VTOL internal structure after loading campaign
-Issue #967: Fix bug where acquired Units could never be bought
-PR #971: Feature allowing grouping personnel by their unit on the Personnel tab
-Issue #865: Changing Award Date Does Not Update Award Tooltip
-Issue #973: No contracts are offered at the start of an AtB campaign.
-Issue #949: Mechwarrior KO'ed at beginning of battle
-Issue #981: Fixed bug where refits overcharged for armor or would perform excess moves
Enjoy everyone.
Is there a particular reason these last two builds haven't been posted on the main website? ProtoMechs are a pretty big deal in my opinion.

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