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New Development Snapshot 0.45.3 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Next release in this development cycle.  Been a little bit since our last release, we’ve been focused on some back end stuff around how we do releases. But still got a good amount of bug fixes and a few new things in. Over the next few months things will continue to be a little slow as we prepare for the next stable and start thinking about the next Dev cycle.  In the meantime enjoy the release.

There isn't a Mac release and you'll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS.  We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

We added the partial implementation of trailers.  Princess is learning how to shoot artillery, TAG, Unjam weapons and flip arms.  We’ve also added the Saxarba tileset which is amazing looking tileset.

Lots of bug fixes and some improvements to printing Record sheets.

Lots of bug fixes and some Quality of life, best to look at the lists below.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable.

Download Here
•    PR #1196: Explicitly set military/civilian flag for space stations; Prevent sensor contacts from displaying unit info on space maps.
•    PR #1197: Fix "ASEW"-related soft lock at end phase when warships or space stations are on the board.
•    PR #1173: Trailers [Partial implementation; trailers can be connected on the field but not in the lounge yet.]
•    PR #1205: Enable Princess to use the "flip arms" functionality for mechs that have it (e.g. Jenner, Rifleman).
•    Data: Removing two unsupported infantry giving loading errors. Unit names pointed to replacements.
•    Issue #1183: Armor not correct on some Warships
•    Data: Resolving Issues #1207,1206,1199,1198
•    PR #1208: Enable Princess to fire artillery and use TAG.
•    PR #1214: Prevent players from being able to control their out-of-control spacecraft when the default flight path would take the spacecraft off board.
•    Data: New Sprites
•    PR #1212: Adds new Edge options for Aerospace units
•    Issue #1218: Fixed protomech-related game-stopping server crash
•    Data: Adding the Saxarba HQ Tileset.
•    Issue #1194: C3i function should apply to boosted cyber comm and enhanced multi model sensor (not standard multimodal sensor) implants per IO
•    PR #1227: Enable Princess to unjam weapons, turrets and rapid-fire autocannons (RACs, etc).
•    Data: New Sprites
•    Data: Fixes to Saxarba HQ Tileset.
•    Issue #1176: Artillery attacks now display flight time with the rest of the firing data when picking a target.
•    Issue #1238: Players can once again place minefields.
•    Issue MML#233: Medium Re-engineered Laser cost
•    Data: New Sprites
Download Here
•    Issue #223: Quad Protomech engine weight
•    Bug: Missing codecs to display fluff image on record sheets.
•    Issue #228: BA VTOL and UMU movement types
•    Issue #230: Protomech Weapons
•    Issue #232: docking hardpoint limits incorrect
•    Issue #222: Protomech armor glitches
•    Issue #231: Stack Overflow Exception while saving Battle Armor
•    Issue #234: Spheroid dropship side arc equipment assigned to wrong location
•    Issue #240: Long range for ATM Standard incorrect on printed record sheets
•    Issue #242: Enters bad state when changing clan mech tonnage
•    Issue #238: Aero recordsheet not printing correctly
•    Use current BT logo on record sheets.
•    Issue #237: Large amounts of weapons overtax warship creation
•    Added "Printing" tab to configuration dialog with some options to customize record sheets (mechs only for now).
Download Here
•    Issue #990: Feature: Add bulk confirm dialog if more than one unit is removed
•    PR #995: Speed up campaign load times by optimizing spare parts importing
•    PR #994: Fix exception seen during log entry updates
•    PR #998: Fix Mac OS X issue so the DateChooser dialog isn't hidden when you create a new campaign
•    PR #996: Feature: adds origin faction to a person's details and support for RAT roller in a person's GM menu
•    PR #997: Add weekly Support Personnel edge refresh and usage
•    PR #1006: Speed up calculation of jump paths
•    PR #999: Adds a GM hire button to new recruit dialog
•    PR #1017: Adds the list of missing units on campaign load to the log
•    Issue #1010: Battle Armor fails to load with StackOverflowException
•    Issue #991: Fix bug where loan collateral and total value is incorrect after save and load.
•    Issue #986: Fix bug where Retirement/Defection dialog doesn't show details for first row.
•    Issue #985: Fix bug where personnel could not be exported.
•    Issue #1022: Fix bug where failed acquisitions did not count against logistics person's limit
•    Issue #964: Do not raise UnitChangedEvent if there is no unit in GM Acquire Instantly
•    Issue #1009: Fix bug where default injury type wrong
•    Issue #976: Fix bug where techs without any minutes left may get stuck on overnight tasks
•    PR #1031: Fix bug where selected repair task moves when you change mode
•    Issue #1028: Fix bug where Mass Repair Options were not applied unless you clicked Save
•    Issue #1005: Allow fractional tons to be loaded in LargeCraftAmmoBins
•    Issue #825: Arbitrary contract score modifier now persists across save/load
•    Issue #970: Can now recruit multiple prisoners at a time
•    Issue #1036: Enable zero intensity level for AtB Scenario Generation
•    Issue #779: Fix AtB deployment nag before a contract has started
•    PR #1036: Make startup GUI show all four buttons at lower resolutions
•    PR #1041: Fix some unit/tech mismatches at CPNX load
•    Issue #772: Fix graphical display issues with multiple-day advancement
•    PR #1045: Crewed Unit Options Handling (SPA/Edge)
•    PR #1045: Resolve errata for reloading times of capital missile ammo (now 1 hour per missile)
•    Issue #1049: Warehouse tab may fail to properly render
•    PR #1053: Add a Change Camouflage context menu item to forces in the TOE
•    Issue #361: Adds assigned Force to the columns on the hangar tab
Enjoy everyone.

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