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How to use sample campaign (co-op vs AI)
Hi all. Newbie here. 
So I've played MegaMek off an on over the years, but have never tried the campaign mode in MekHQ. I watched a couple of "MekHQ: Against the Bot" videos on YouTube ( and wanted to give this a try by jumping in with both feet. 

I want to play a co-op Against the Bot campaign with my nephew. We tried to get it working last night, we decided to use the "The Fox's Teeth" sample campaign. There was some starting mission on Thestria that we tried to play, but AI units never showed up to join the fun. 

1. How does one play the sample campaign against the AI?
2. Does the AI come up with it's own force structure etc or were we supposed to just come up with our own missions?
3. Are we supposed to come up with our own initial spare parts, finances, etc in the game or do those get applied by the campaign somehow.
4. I saw a random face pack in the YouTube video for new Mechwarriors. How do I get that?

Anyway, I managed to eventually add in some AI units on a different team in to that Thestria battle. But it wasn't according to the story line or anything.
We had a crazy fun fight on a random map in a slot canyon with cliffs 13 hexes high. We had to really think tactically to pull out the win against that Princess bot. 

After the battle, nothing was getting repaired on anything and MekHQ kept asking for a 'Mech Mortar part to repair stuff... whatever that is. 
In short, there are so many options, and I don't know what I'm doing. I feel like I'm missing some kind of settings or something. Would like to know how to play the campaign but don't know how to start that.
Their is a difference between the included Canned Campaigns and AtB. The Fox's Teeth campaigns are designed to be played using the books. So you would launch the mission roll the Opfor and manually add them in MegaMek. Play the battle then use the console commands to declare /victory or /defeat.

AtB automates that stuff, for a good write up of AtB we've just add this file -

MekHQ is simulating the unit as a whole so part of that would be ordering parts, waiting for their arrival, basically managing the whole unit. But AtB is not designed for multiplayer, but people do use the traitor command to move units between teams then declare victory or defeat.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I was around Battletech about two and a half decades ago so... it's been a while. I didn't know there was source book for that campaign. But it makes sense now. Anyway, I think I figured out how to get up and running on a custom Merc campaign inside MekHQ. Thanks for the .pdf file. I'm sure it'll prove useful.

Regarding multiplayer AtB, my nephew lives fairly close by so we just get together and my house and share a monitor with the MekHQ stuff on it, and then we join together for the battles. That seems to work out. Thanks to the devs for providing your time for such a complex and deep simulation. Wow...

Oh and where can I get the random portrait pack I saw on the youtube vids? I would love to get some pics for my Mech Warriors. Smile

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