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New Development Snapshot 0.45.4 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Next release in this development cycle.  While it’s been a bit since our last release, we and our contributors have been steady at it.  This development cycle will continue to focus on MegaMekLab and its features.  The big one – Printing Jumpships, Warships, Space Station record sheets. This means MegaMekLab can print nearly all unit types.

There isn't a Mac release and you'll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS.  We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

mkerensky continues to work on improving the Aerospace part of Megamek. With the return of Aero Sanity 2.0 hopefully less buggy than before (Warning - still a use at your own risk). As a cross over into MekHQ the post battle handling of damage for squadrons is improved. On a data note, while we not something we’ll do everyday, we’ve had numerous requests to add the Fan Council TROs 3048/3062/3063. So they’ve been added as unofficial units.

As you can see in the release notes lots of bug fixes, and features around printing Record Sheets. Including a new options menu. The first steps in a “Omni-Sheet”.  Also we’ve implemented some improvements to building large craft.

Lots of bug fixes (including a fix for the special mission bug) and some Quality of life stuff. Best to look at the list below.  There is also a new “How to AtB” manual in the docs folder. Thanks to the folks on Discord for sharing and CampaignAnon for writing it.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.
Name Issues with units
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable.

Download Here

PR #1250: Disallow loading trailers during deployment
Data: New Sprites and Unit fixes.
PR #1258: Aero Sanity 2.0! Fixes a number of reporting bugs and adds full support for Advanced Point Defense,
Glancing/Direct blows, S2S nuclear weapons and Bearings-Only Capital Missiles
Issue #1272: Clan BA SRM missing Multi-Purpose Missiles
Data: New Sprites and New Units.
Issue #1256: Magna Laser Rifle has range 0 instead of 2
Data: Fixing broken Protomeks in some RATs
PR #1278: Fix a soft-lock that would occur when using double-blind and the previous round's target would leave a unit's LOS
Issue #587 PR #1273: Fixes for Post-Battle Handling of Capital Fighters.
PR #1280: Add proper labels for host dialog controls (Accessibility Support)
PR #1283: Rocket Launcher 1 through 5 turrets now have valid weapons
PR #1264: [Feature] Wind direction can now be set in the lobby
Issue #1095: [Errata] TAG now spots for indirect fire as well.
PR #1304: Don't overflow the primary monitor with MM splash screen.
Issue #1259: Extended Torso Twist Quirk not applying to Quads
Data: New Sprites
Data: Adding Fan Council TROs 3048/3062/3063 by popular request.

Download Here
Fixed vehicle and aero slot calculations for patchwork armor.
Issue #202: Clan Improved Autocannon 20 has no standard ammunition
Issue #249: Warship Validation error
Issue #247: Patchwork Armour Broken on Vehicles
Issue #250: Armouring Split Components Shows and Counts Incorrect Tonnage
Issue #254: Second Printed Vee Name in All Caps
Issue #252: Heat Sink pips not printing properly
Issue #260: Some issue to allocate the components of LAM
Issue #261: LAM's motive type doesn't change the weight of its conversion equipment.
Issue #7: Pilot name printing on RSs
Issue #271: Bug of interaction with Partial Wing, Improved Jump Jet and Hardened Armor
PR #262: Add buttons to clone aerospace side locations.
PR #273: Advanced aerospace record sheet printing
Issue #272: Modular Armor effectively prevents to put Jump Jet
Issue #267: Dropship armor values calculating and auto-allocating incorrectly
Issue #276: Auto allocate skips advanced aerospace side rear locations

Download Here
PR #1067: Switch to Joda Money library internally for financial math
Issue #1057: Don't allow Rotor damage to go negative or use negative damages
Issue #1085: Find different replacement part if original missing or has a new ID
Issue #1076: Address bug in Personnel Market where GM Add still costs money and add GM Hire Full Complement
PR #1084: Save user preferences for UI settings such as window sizes and positions, et al
Issue #1082: Fix issue preventing creation of new AtB contract
Issue #1086: Fix issue introduced in 45.3 preventing "special" AtB scenarios from starting
Issue #1106: Fix issue introduced in 45.3 preventing AtB scenarios containing aircraft from starting under some conditions
Issue #112: Adds mission log and counter for personnel
Issue #1115: Fix stack overflow in BattleArmorSuit::getTonnage
Issue #1116: [Feature] Show people's Bloodnames in "Fluff" filter on personnel tab
Issue #1125, #1127: Fix issues with loading units containing damaged AMS and MASC systems.
Issue #1109: Fix issue where damaged equipment can be restored with a reload
Issue #713: Fix incorrect reporting of training munitions/fuel costs, minor performance improvement on monthly rollover
PR #1136: Don't expand/contract tab panels on right double click (Mac OS X improvement)
PR #1143: In Repair tab -> Acquisitions, user can once again click 'Order One' more than once
Adding CampaignAnon AtB Instruction guide (very good for new players) - See AtB Stuff folder in Docs.
Issue #1144: fix bug where bondsmen could not be recruited
Issue #1148: fix bug where loan could not be paid off
Issue #1150: fix bug introduced in 45.3 preventing AtB scenarios reinforced by immobile player units from starting
Issue #1138: fix NPE in isOmniPodded check for AmmoBin's after refit

Enjoy everyone.

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