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Converting .gif art to .png with shaders.
After two years hiatus, I finally have the time to jump back into megamek.

One of the last things I was doing before I left was converting old .gif unit art to the new .png format.

Hammer was nice enough to explain how to apply a plugin shader in Gimp so I could do this.

Awesome: [Image: awesome-aws-9r-gif.4846] -> [Image: awesome-aws-9r-png.4847]

Black Knight: [Image: black-knight-gif.4849] -> [Image: black-knight-png.4848]

Unfortunately... its been two years now.. and I've completely forgotten how to do it again!  Blush

Would someone mind reminding me how this is done?  Might want to link the plugin too, just for anyone else who needs it.
See here -

You'll need BIMP -
Aha! That was it! Thanks Hammer. Glad to see you are still making the rounds. Smile

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