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Riker's Island Map Set
It has come to my attention that a map set I had created and had available from (before it's shutdown and restart) was added to MegaMek. Of course, I was not notified of the inclusion and found out about it when I updated MekHQ. Impressed, yes. Surprised, Damn right.  Mad?  Hell no!  I had it available for others to download.  It's just now part of an Add-on pack I have on Google Drive and OneDrive.

Last version of the set?

Island maps for MegaMek

Created by Ed Riker (CMDR. Riker)
Set Version 0.0.2b
2004.04.29  11:00 pm CDT

Well, Good news.  After a LONG break, work has begun to add a few new maps to the set, as a stand-alone pack or part of a Add-on set, or both.

Big Grin Also, Please note, the old Address is no longer used. The other 2 are still in use.
Sweet! I love more maps! That sad news is that I'm not the map guy ... though he should be around here ...
Well, it was time to re-open the old project since it's been 15 years since I've done anything with the map set.

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