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MegaMek on Windows issue
I am running the latest version of MM, when I start the application, the window is larger than my screen and I cant re-size it.  How can I do this?

Current Resolution settings:
1920 x 1080

What version are you running?

Couple of other options.

Delete clientsettings.xml in mmconf directory BUT you'll need to re-set options in Client Settings.

The other option is with a good text editor (i.e Notepad++) open the clientsettings.xml and look for DisplaySizeWidth and DisplaySizeHeight and change the options to something like 768 and 1024. Then open Megamek.
I am running version 0.44.0

I tried your other options and there is no DisplaySizeWidth and DisplaySizeHeight.  I deleted the file and restarted MM, Same issue.  Also no DisplaySizeWidth and DisplaySizeHeight still.

Anything else to try?

Ok, this did fix it. Thank you very much.

Actually this did fix it.
Thank you!

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