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Dropship landed
Can i put a Dropship landed in a MM map? And use there weapons?
I don't know if they can deploy landed, but they can land, and they can be a glass cannon on the map. What I mean by that is that every single unit on the map will start shooting at it (if BOT) and they better be if you're up against the player. They take damage fast and die. But they can typically take out 2 units per turn before they go.
Im asking cause im playing Final Jihad Reckoning scenarios. And one put a Union Classe DS in game as enemy. Cant do it. Would be gret if we can use DSs landed on MM.
In the lounge set the deployment altitude at 0, and it deploys landed.
Right, but the Princess (bot) will make the DS fly on turns, or no? And, if landed, the DS will use your weapons?
Last I checked Princess can fly them but not land them. As for shooting I believe if she starts landed she'll use them.
Works. Wink

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