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Direct Artillery Attacks in 0.45.4
I have been trying to get direct fire artillery to work in 0.45.4 for a few days now, on windows 7, modern java, with the standalone megamek, which has actually prompted me to join here.

The standard procedure (Abstaining form firing during the artillery phase, waiting to the weapons phase, selecting a hex between 7-17 tiles away, and trying to fire at the hex,) with all forms of artillery tested has prompted me with the error "This weapon must make artillery attacks," where I could confirm I had LOS, ammo, and a unit which could fire weaponry.

As I understand, this is exactly what you need to do to fire artillery directly.

I have tested the following: Thumper Artillery, Tube artillery, Arrow IV artillery.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is something going up wrong on the software side?
You're doing it almost right - the only thing you're missing is that you have to right click on the hex, and do target hex (artillery).
Thank you!~

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