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Inaccurate Base Rules Level on some equipment:
The base rules level on the protomech cannons, and VSP are both rules level Advanced according to the most recent release of Tactical Operations, page# 321 (Variable speed pulse laser,) and page# 286 (Proto Ac's.)

However, when looking at mechs, combat vehicles, and protomechs, these weapons are automatically labeled as rules level Experimental. (However, the VSP tech level is accurately labeled for battle armor.)
Do you have variable tech levels enabled? That has an impact on the tech level of equipment based on the year you're playing.
We did not when we first encountered these items being globally labeled as experimental in 0.45.4, we tested years 3075, 3125, and 3145.

(We did later switch to variable tech level 3075, as this did seem to accurately reflect both weapons we saw absent from the normal list relative to their rules level listing in TO.)

Here is an example of just putting a VSP on a mech and printing it: Regardless of how I get the UI to show the VSP and let me mount it, the mech will print as experimental rules level, (Be it var tech + advanced tech, or enabling experimental tech.)

It does not show on the mech-builder UI for non var-tech advanced rules at any year, and I was simply reporting that this is inconsistent with what is written in the latest edition of tactical operations.

[Image: Qz52cnw.png]
Was able to check the code and we have the level set wrong. I'll arrange a fix.
Thank you.

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