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New Stable Release Candidate 0.46.0-rc.2
This is our second candidate for stable release 0.46.0. It fixes a bug involving movement at the edge of maps that was introduced in the previous candidate, as well as a few bugs that were reported since RC1, and some new units and maps. If there aren't any new bugs discovered in this release in the next week or so, it will become the new stable and we will start releasing new features for testing under the 0.47.* branch.

  • Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
  • Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

  • This thread is for discussing the release. Bugs should be reported by opening an issue on the appropriate tracker on GitHub. Anything reported here is likely to be buried in the discussion and forgotten by the time we get a chance to work on it.
The change logs list changes since the previous release candidate (0.46.0-rc.1).

Download here
+ Issue #1429: Bug Unable to move on map edges Intermittent
+ PR #1426: Splash screen displays properly on very high width-to-height resolution ratios.
+ Simple Tech Level wrong for Proto AC's and VSP Lasers.
+ Issue #1388: Successful TAG designation cause the unit to suffer the penalty of spot for LRM indirect fire on the same turn
+ Data: New Sprites
+ Data: New Boards from new Beginner Box set (thanks ask)
+ Data: New units from TP:Tokasha, OTP:Fronc Reaches and Vega 3039 

Download here
+ Issue #333: ASF printing - Missing armor pips

Download here
+ Issue #1075: Fix 'Mech location repair and salvage times to match StratOps
+ Issue #1224: Scenario templates no longer fail to generate forces when the 'use vehicles' AtB setting is turned off
+ Issue #1238: Fix bug where self crewed units could not be activated after being mothballed
+ PR #1239: Add GM Mothball/Activate to unit menu in hangar
+ Issue #1240: Cannot Salvage at 100%

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