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New Development Snapshot 0.47.0 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
How's that saying go "Can't stop won't stop" Smile

Here is the next release in the new development cycle. This builds off the latest stable so should be largely safe, but as always we need folks to play and find the issues. 

There isn't a Mac release and you'll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS.  We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

It begins, we've enrolled Princess at the Blackjack School of Conflict.  She's learning to shot at secondary targets, fly better, use field gun infantry, and is starting to learn that 
"BattleArmor win Firefights, Mechs win Battles, but Artillery win wars"

Not much to see here.....yet......Did I mention Support Vee construction is coming soon'ish.

Autosave anyone? Campaign Subset export? some AtB updates.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.
Name Issues with units
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable.

Download Here
Issue #1315: add support for map annotations and description to .board files.
PR #1323: implement "#sitrep" client command which can be used to display,
in the console, a list of units near the entity with the given ID.
PR #1329: Princess will now fire at multiple targets with units that have no secondary target penalty.
This should be most noticeable with dropships and other large spacecraft.
PR #1358: Princess properly operates really slow aircraft on ground maps and can actually drop thunder bombs now.
PR #1354: Support for detailed large craft parts (K-F boom, grav deck, CIC, etc)
PR #1401: Improved bot behavior using field gun infantry.
PR #1404: Princess can now use rapid-fire autocannons; will respect "no AMS as weapon" setting
PR #1405: Introduced Princess capability for indirect fire at spotted units
PR #1409: Dropship artillery bays now fully functional
Dropships can optionally load/fire alternate artillery munitions
Copperhead ammo functions as homing rounds
Issue #1351: When a homing round lands, the firing player will now get asked which tagged unit gets clobbered.
PR #1406: Princess can now spot units for indirect fire
PR #1413: Performance and functionality improvements for space sensors
PR #1419: Bearings-Only Missile Tweaks
PR #1430: Improvements to bot handling of aerospace units, especially on low-atmospheric maps.
PR #1440: Added ignore for YML files when loading units
PR #1436: Greater variety of primitive and civilian units for AtB and template scenarios

Download Here
Issue #336: Quad Battlemechs are unable to allocate industrial physical weapons to their side torsos

Download Here
Issue #1171: Adds autosave feature (daily or weekly, and/or before missions).
PR #1215: Minor updates to AtB:
opfor infantry transports now come loaded with infantry (if you have infantry turned on)
opfor infantry may now be field gunners
opfor aircraft may have bombs
allied dropships may now be non-Leopards
VTOLs are always on as the bot can handle them fairly well
PR #1210: Adds all remaining unimplemented Large Craft parts - CIC, Grav Decks, K-F Drive, K-F Boom and the like
PR #1227: Dropships can now load alternate munitions into artillery base if the game is configured for it
PR #1226: [Feature] Campaign Subset Export: export a subset of your current campaign into another, either new or existing, campaign file.
Overwrites units and personnel with the same guid. Option to remove exported personnel from source campaign. Obviously make backups before
using on an existing campaign.
Enjoy everyone.

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