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MekHQ launched Megamek games don't work .46/.47
Using the full package (MegaMek, MegaMekHQ, MegaMekLab).

Both .46 and .47 windows 10 Java 1.8.0_221

If I build a campaign in MekHQ, assign people to meks, assign meks to units in the T&OE and then finally take a contract and travel to it and finally assign Lances in my T&OE to a given mission, when I launch the mission I'll land in the Lobby.  The Lobby will load all the units and show me who controls them and what they are.

If I click I'm Done, I go to Phase 1 and roll initiative.  When I click Done after Initiative, I'll briefly see something about transferring and then I see one of two things.

.46 I'll see Turn 2
.47 I'll see an end of Turn 1 summary, which if I click done will take me to Turn 2 and roll initiative.

If instead I launch Megamek directly and build a scenario in it, when I click "I'm Done" followed by "done" the map will pop up and I can deploy mechs and take turns.

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So I figured out the problem. After getting frustrated and hitting next turn about 10 times suddenly the maps pops up and the opfor starts moving down it.

All of my units were set to not deploy later than turn 8. I got to watch myself fail the mission.

So I quit the game, and re-launched it and set my units to deploy at start of the game. At which point ti worked correctly.

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