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Temp Crew?
So, I recently started playing around with DropShips, JumpShips, and WarShips in addition to my 'Mechs, and. . . well, it's a real headache.

So, SO many people to manage.  There's some tools that help make it easier, but repair times, apparently only one Tech per vessel, and so on just makes space combat not seem worth it.

But for an idea. . . we have the "Temporary Astechs" and "Temporary Medics" buttons. . . why not "temporary crew?"  Say, you hire one "Captain" for each vessel, then Temp Crew to fill it out and make it usable, but everything is based on the skills of that one captain?  Might make things a bit easier.
This is an RFE you're best to open this request on tracker, links in my sig.

Repair on Ships is abstracted, they "heal" over time versus have repairs. Dumb but that's how CGL wrote it.

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