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BattleArmor and Small Arms Skill
So, do BattleArmor troops use Small Arms skill at all, or is it Gunnery/Battlesuit for everything?

Say, for instance, the main weapon on a light or ultralight suit is a Mauser IIC, but they have an additional anti-'Mech weapon, like a light machine gun or support PPC.  Does the Mauser use Small Arms while the machine gun/PPC use Gunnery, or do both use Gunnery?

Total Warfare indicates that BattleArmor only use Gunnery, but A Time Of War states Small Arms is used for anti-personnel weapons on a Battlesuit, while Gunnery is used for anti-'Mech weapons, so I'm more or less wondering which ruleset MegaMek follows.
In Megamek we use the Total Warfare skill of Gunnery. We don't model AToW.
That's what I thought, thanks.

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