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Piloting Skill Roll
MM Version is 0.35.25
The Scorpion got an actuator hit in the right front leg and anotherone in the left front leg (the rear legs were ok).
This was the roll:

Scorpion SCP-1N (Princess) must make 3 piloting skill roll(s) (leg/foot actuator hit; leg/foot actuator hit; 20+ damage).
The base target is 5 [5 (Base piloting skill) - 2 (Quad bonus) + 1 (Front Right Leg Lower Leg Actuator destroyed) + 1 (Front Left Leg Lower Leg Actuator destroyed)].
    Roll #1, (5 (Base piloting skill) - 2 (Quad bonus) + 1 (Front Right Leg Lower Leg Actuator destroyed) + 1 (Front Left Leg Lower Leg Actuator destroyed) + 1 (leg/foot actuator hit) + 1 (leg/foot actuator hit) + 1 (20+ damage)); needs 8, rolls 7 : falls.
    Scorpion SCP-1N (Princess) falls on its right side, suffering 6 damage.

is this correct? each actuator hit counts twice?
i'm not really familiar with TW, so just asking... *shrug*


5+1+1+1 is mostly 8 *selfbonk*
I think this is actually a bug.
I don´t think it´s a bug. 1 modifier per actuator hit is for the event triggering the PSR, the other is for (newly) existing damage making the PSR harder.

The latter is what you see in the "The base target is..." line, and the first two modifiers after the Quad bonus in the PSR calculation. The former (plus ANOTHER modifier, for the PSR caused by taking 20+ damage) are the last three modifiers.

As for if 8 is the correct target number, I defer to your expertise. I´m an economist, and such small numbers are difficult for me. ;D

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