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Mekwars Legends 2.0 - 1st Campaign
Hello everyone! 

Mekwars Legends 2.0 1st Campaign is starting up!  Legends is set in the Jihad era (3067 to 3081). 

The server is running 11 factions (Crusader Clans, Warden Clans, Word of Blake, Raven Alliance, Periphery, FWL, Trinity Alliance, Federated Suns, Draconis Comine, Lyran Alliance, Rasalhague Dominion).

What happens if I log on and only a Crusader Clan player and a Trinity Alliance player are logged on?

Well, good news!  The server has a planet called LEGENDS which is west of the Free Worlds League for factions that are not near each other. 

The meta campaign part of the server the faction leaders can change the buildtables of the meks being pulled each week.

I will be online (Ironboot) to answer any questions you have around 8:30pm est.  We also have a great group of players who can also help too!

Here is a link to the 1st Campaign client from dropbox -

You can follow us on facebook - Battletech campaign "Legends 2.0"

Discord - Mekwars Legends 2.0

last but not least...

website -

Good luck and good hunting!


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